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[DW20 1.10] How to Auction


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Auction Guide!
Server IP: dw20.craftersland.net

This is gonna be very short guide :)
DW20 1.10 uses different Auction plugin than other plugin and hence different commands.
Don't ruin ingame server economy by auctioning or selling items for very cheap price or giving it away for free!


In this plugin you can't auction more than a stack at a time. But one advantage is there is no auction queue, multiple auctions can happen at same time. To auction, have item you want to auction in your hand and use /ia auction <starting bid>
For example: /ia auction 200


You can cancel your auction using /ia cancelauction. If no one is interested in your auction and bidding then end your auction before you forget.


Because more than one auction can be going on at same time bid command is little different.
/ia bid <name of player who is auctioning> <bid amount>. Minimum bid amount is set by auctioneer, except that there is no bid increment so you can increase bid by even 1$ if you want. But spamming chat with bids is against rules.
For example I am (my IGN is Virtmo) auctioning something for 200$: /ia bid Virtmo 201


Ending Auction
This plugin doesn't have time limit so you have to manually end the auction. When you do /ia acceptbid it will accept last bid that was offered and that person will win the auction. 
Little trick for when you forget the commands, use /ia a(or any letter or number). It will say "not valid command" and show you available ones. ;)

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