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[Spawn Shop] Item Suggestions


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Recently you added the Fir Sapling to spawn so could we do the same with all the trees from BoP? I'll list there Id's and what my suggested price should be. 

As many aren't possible to get in Overworld.


Apple Sapling 1070 (Already in Spawn)

Yellow Autumn 1070:1 (Price $50)

Bamboo Sapling 1070:2 (Price $50)

Magic Sapling 1070:3 (Already in Spawn)

Dark Sapling 1070:4 (Price $50)

Dying Sapling 1070:5 (Price $50)

Fir Sapling 1070:6 (Already in Spawn)

Ethereal Sapling 1070:7  (Price $50)

Orange Autumn Sapling 1070:8 (Price $50)

Origin Sapling 1070:9 (Price $50)

Pink Cherry Sapling 1070:10 (Price $50)

Maple Sapling 1070:11 (Price $50)

White Cherry Sapling 1070:12 (Price $50)

Hellbark Sapling 1070:13 (Price $50)

Jarcanada Sapling 1070:14 (Price $50)

Persimmon Sapling 1070:15 (Price $200)

Sacred Oak Sapling 1071(Price $150)

Mangrove Sapling 1071:1 (Price $50)

Palm Sapling 1070:2 (Price $50)

Redwood Sapling 1071:3 (Price $150)

Willow Sapling 1071:4 (Price $50)

Pine Sapling 1071:5 (Price $50)

Mahogany Sapling 1071:6 (Price $50)

Flowering Oak Sapling 1071:7 (Price $50)

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I expanded spawn to a 2nd floor so that we can put all the current signshops that are along the walls aswell as these suggestions up there.


I should be able to find some time within the next couple of hours to do this, but unless bruny beats me to it; You can add it to the 2nd floor if you want to, otherwise I will tomorrow.

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I tried to keep the same design and layout on the second floor as the first floor. Moved the items along the first floor walls up to this floor so they got their own little "Market island" . I also moved the sapling market island from 1st floor up here, and put the beehives in it's place. Just because it would fit better as more than two whole market islands were required for the saplings. That way it's categorized.

To fill the empty floor in the middle I put up the market mail and market pillars - Which if @brunyman wants a new set of them on this floor he will have to add them, since I can't.

And if you don't approve of how the floor turned out then load a previous save and I will put them up along side the walls instead- however, I do think this is quite the improvement.

Yes, that staircase is god awful. that might need a rework by someone cunning.

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