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Suspect my madness treefarm cause lag and crashed server

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Eyewithness: Dane0813 (saw the chaos on my treefarm), SatanIsMyLord (regconize the lag spike)

Today when I login I see a tons of "An explosion has been stopped" like problems on this post: 

When I returned, I see my steve cart has multiplied and run like F1 racer, Dane0813 saw it. When I tried to remove and delete them the server crashed. I suspect that my steam oven has exploded due to overheated or full or steam but the explosion prevention mechanisms on my town has mess with it and cause the madness for my base and the server. Now I've remove the cart and replace the charcoal farming with lava-steam endless generator. But I think further investigate must be done to prevent this situation occur on future

p/s: Sr my base coords is x = 963, z = 2865

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15 hours ago, Y0lin said:

Do you still use a chunk loader? As bruny said, it might be a chunk loading problem.

Also if you can't connect, try to use the android pickaxe chat app because if i remember correctly it's gonna teleport you to spawn.

Thanks Y0lin, but do you known another apps like Pickaxe chat on iOS and free because I only have iPhone 4S

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