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Is it possible to create/dedicate a channel for certain sensitive topics that are only shown to the creator of the topic and staff from a certain level and up?

If someone has complains about players, problems they don't want everyone else to know about, ... it'd be nice to have a place to post them in, knowing only you and staff can see them.
Complaining about hostile or abusice behavior or language can backfire when other players (including the accused) can see it and retalliate.
Also, pointing out weaknesses in game that allow players to crash the server, or machines/blocks/weapons that bypass anti-pvp protection or griefprevention plugins isn't something players should do in a public channel (so i've been told) but honestly there's no other place you can do this at with a certain level of discretion, apart from bothering staff personally.

If there already is a channel like that, can there be a more obvious link to it? Cause the channels i've looked through so far all seem public.

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4 hours ago, iiΤzΑrιsmαΙτοr_ said:

Hello. I don't think that channels like that exist. However, there is an alternative. You can start a new conversation, using the personal messenger, and then invite other staff members too. This way, you can chat with specific staff members or players.

You can’t message bruny anymore, nor is he very active and 99.9% of the time doesn’t respond to someone on discord and or only responds once in a day to a post

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