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since when is theft okay?


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ive played on this server for too many years to remember, but i need some one to tell me since when is it okay to take from some one else?

im getting bitched at by players saying theft is okay because of pvp but since when was taking another players items allowed?

if thats the case i guess im finding another server after years of use

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The taking of items through legal, non-exploitative PVP or because territory was left unclaimed/unprotected, is legal.

Because if you're not cashing in on the advantages that the server configuration provides, then you're at fault.

Also, when you invite someone to your town, you are taking the risk of the unknown agendas upon you and other members.

So if someone wants to join, get access to your chests and leave, then it's your fault for not vetting them before inviting.

Sometimes you don't need a bigger or better sword, just a few claims and the right protection settings.

Although i advise you to have both ;)

Illegal Taking of Items:

  1. Scamming
  2. Spawn Killing
  3. Claim bypass killing (including with mobs/pets).
  4. claim bypass chest access
  5. other bug/exploit uses.
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It's not an unwritten rule. The rules don't say PvP isn't allowed, only that it must be fair (no god mode, no creative, no OP creative weapons, no exploits).

The rules also don't say that you can't enjoy the spoils of war, if you want to PvP and lose nothing, play on Dw20 1.7, inventory is protected here.

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If someone joins your town, and steals all your stuff, then leaves the town, that is also illegal, and is in town griefing, and is punishable under the griefing rules.

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