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[Suggestion] New Lobby to CTW! / No Oficial / By SS / 1.8.X

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New Lobby By SS (SlendydiegoPro and southrumble80). [1.8]



Hi Craftersland Community, we made another spawn to the minigame "Capture The Wool". (We hope you like it!).


we've noticed that the ctw lobby has spent a lot of time online, which is why we decided to conduct surveys on the players, which resulted in a ctw lobby. Our goal is that our lobby is in place of the old spawn, otherwise, it will not matter we will continue doing more lobbys! :D 





Download This Awesome Lobby [1.8]

http://www.mediafire.com/file/rl7ckzxzkyo3p2l/Spawn CTW.rar





Thanks For Read This Post! 





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I do like it, I do have some constructive criticism .. once again :P


  • The statue is really cool and I defiantly think it has a place in the spawn, but it is too big and takes up too much of the space in the inner circle. 
  • The CTW text in my opinion looks better in black and gray, how ever it's so far up that it will hardly ever be visable
  • You spawn in in a crossroads, having to make the choice left or right, giving as few choices as possible is great for a spawn
  • While the tribute room looks great, but takes up a big part of already the small spawn


  • I like the option of being able to explore, climbing the waterfall, finding the cave with some minor parkour and just the attention to detail in everything. I'm thinking the random buttons laying around, the minecart in the games cave, iron bars, everything. Waterfall effects, wheat and flowers, etc.



So what I think would've been better and more practical could've been to first raise the bottom platform by ~5 blocks. screws with the cave somewhat...
I would move the statue and have him peak in over the side on the very top layer. maybe two even.
I would make the inner circle an oval, or more like a bullet shape.. having the player spawn in the far back. Visable is the CTW sign that has been brought down (straight ahead) and below it the entrance to the games. Behind spawn would be the waterfall, or on the sides. Adding the player heads in the tribute room instead as secrets, which could be found by exploring the cave, pushing random buttons.. you name it. Instead of having the room itself.


Don't get me wrong-.. I think it's a beautiful creation and it is absolutely stunning- I am simply giving criticism to making it more practical as a spawn. and I know it's a lot of re-doing what I'm suggesting, and I'm not saying that you should do it :P

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2 hours ago, xtomyserrax said:

Heeeey, cool lobby! I really like how you made it and the decorations! Keep up the amazing work!

thanks, xtomyserrax we appreciate your oppinion! :D


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