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Network Assassins Craft 1.12.2 Updates! - Part 13


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AssassinS 1.12.2 update!

Getting closer for release, we got another update that added some new features like mounts and hide in leaves and hay blocks. The new horses plugin is way better now, with different mounts types from low stats to epic, available at traders around the map and more advanced ones as dungeon rewards.



> Added vips groups permissions (Not complete).

> Implemented hide in leaves and hay blocks.
> Implemented Horses, re-coded the entire plugin with better features and effects.
> Fixed shopkeepers inventory title color from green to gold.
> Added a Mount Trader at spawn.
> Added 7 more horse traders around the map, with different mount types, explore to discover.
> Added mounts from low to Epic to chests loot tables.
> Fixed some map border issues.
> Updated some loot tables.
> Added few more loot chests and updated some already placed.


More coming soon, stay tuned!

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