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opencomputers problem

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Hi all,


I'm experiencing a problem with opencomputers. I was trying to install a gui for my reactor but my computer doesnt show any text on screen, only some ( ) ! and # signs.

I've tried the same thing in single player but that doesnt work either. All the necessary components are installed, cables are connected and the keyboard is on the back of my screen. Can anyone tell me if I have forgotten something or wether there is something wrong with my game?




Sorry for the bad quality of the screenshot btw, had to shrink it because the file was too big.



Schermafbeelding 2018-06-29 om 22.07.52.png



Just noticed that it happens to the screen at spawn too!


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@xRegency Thanks but it's a big reactor thing, the one with yellorium, not draconic (yet)


@brunyman I believe @towilloughby saw the same thing on my monitor, haven't really had others answer on questions I asked about it in Discord or in-game chat...


@Terminator I wanted to do that by switching from the FTB launcher to the CL launcher but then that one didn't work for me at all, will try reinstalling in the FTB launcher if I can find the time to do so

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