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[Unwarn Request] [Jiimmy_04]


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

Got warned adn kicked for "harassing staff". (Lol)

[3] Ban Category:


[4] Ban Duration:

Warn (7 days)

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

Well, I will put the ss's of the logs, of the exact moment when he warned me! (He warned another Jiimmy (JIMMY_04), but then he wrote it right and I received the warn + kick. Here we go:


[7] Your Reason:

Ok, so I don't really know what harassing is, in the way that, if what I wrote was harassing... Well, I saw that South connected and I wanted to talk with him  and tell him that I got a scythe's helmet, everything alright, now, in the same phrase, I wrote, "Consegui un pinche casco en el scythe/I got a freaking (the translation would be more or less like this) scythe's helmet". Then he said that there was no need to write the "pinche/freaking" word before the phrase. Then he told me that I should moderate my language (¿?). Ok so now is the problem, I told him AS A JOKE, "Eres así de sensible en la cama 7w7/Are you so sensitive in the bed 7w7". Also, tell me where's the name of South in that phrase! I could have tell that to CREEPER_202 as a joke, as he said something like "I like Tula" (Don't even know what that means). But he thought that that was for him (which he was right), but there could be a case that that wasn't for him, is that what a staff is made for? Making too fast conclusions? Really?.
Ok, now he warned me because of that, tell me WHERE is the insult and WHERE is the harassing staff, if he didn't like it, he should have told me, because in Spain, we say things like that as a joke, it seems that in Latinoamérica they take things that seriously (sarcasm, obviously no, he is a special case .-.). Then I started talking with him and he didn't even gave me a good reason he just stayed there kidding me, then I talked with RuisuMC (I even gave RuisuMC, in discord, the logs of the hole conversation until he warned me) and geri33, both told me that they didn't see this as an insult or harassing. That's why I ended making this "Unwarn Request". Hope everything is clear.

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Hello Jimmy, we'll let this warning slide and unwarn you for it.


But do know that jokes like these which are also insulting is not tolerated even if it's " a joke ". Because where would we draw the line of that? It's impossible, I realise there are a lot of friends that play on our servers and there are often insults in joking matter between friends and I am fine with that- but only if you are both fine with it and keep it outside of our chats. Because it otherwise promotes similar behavior from others and it is just a steep downwards spiral as they mirror the same behaviors. We're dealing with kids(in most cases) afterall.


And then is the question if both consider it a joke- in this case both sides didn't consider it a joke and I don't either. It's again like two friends are playing together and the other " pranks " him and destroys stuff in his base. Often one side says it's a prank while the other side says it's griefing... It's impossible to tell the difference so that's why we also don't allow "pranks"



Bottom line is, if your jokes have an insulting aspect then it's best to keep them to yourself. 


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