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[Claim Rollback Request] Existenter

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Your Name: Existenter
Coordinates: Home coordinates of my base are x 2184, z -2314, y 63, but issue is located on top adjacent mountain (between my base home point and the world border and only a few blocks away from the world border; unfortunately I can not think of a way to find out the coordinates of the chunk in question, but it should definitely be within one of the chunks immediately adjacent to the world border).
Time/Date: Sep 23, 2018, ca. 11:00 AM (GMT+2; CEST)
Description of Issue: After placement of an Astral Sorcery containment chalice, two lightwells, and putting two rock crystals into them to create liquid starlight, both ShinyPorygon and me keep getting kicked from the server as soon as we enter the area with the following error message: "connection lost: illegalArgumentException: Unknown meta type 15 @ net.md_5.bungee.entitymap.EntityMap:200". I assume that somehow a particle or entity is created/requested that the server can't handle, thus kicks all players entering this area.
Would it be possible to either remove those items, or to reset the chunk(s) in question (I. e. that/those next to the world border)?
Thank you!
Screenshots (Optional): (none)

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It's true; geri discussed this with me the other day. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a quick solution, as the "normal" rollback attempt failed.

However in the meantime I had a discussion with FreeFallFTW, who also had this same issue, and claimed it was also caused by the containment chalice. He managed to get rid of this item by himself through lag-using (I. e. approaching and destroying it during a phase of severe server lag), however I'm uncertain about how/whether I could manage to pull this off with my chalice, for it being conveniently located well visibly from afar on my mountain.

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