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Your Name: Ingenieur_13

Item Name + Amount: One each: Energized Dark Helm, Energized Dark Plate, Energized Dark Leggings, Energized Dark Boots (Even though I lost two sets, I only need one refunded.)

Coordinatesx: -5302, y: 152, z: 3430

Description of Issue: I set up an Ender IO Basic Capacitor Bank (with a Survivalist Generator for power) to charge some Dark Steel Armour I'd made (and Energized with Vibrant Crystals). The first time each item (Plate, Leggings, Helm, and Boots) received a small charge because I was moving them from slot to slot, learning how the interface worked.


One time my connection 'timed out' and when I got back on, they were no longer in the Bank.  Having dealt with numerous occasions of inventory glitch high-jinks, I thought they were simply invisible.  So I took my pickaxe and broke the Bank [pun intended].  When I re-placed the Capacitor Bank in the same space, they had returned.  I put them on to see how the side inventory slots worked on the GUI for the Bank.  Unexpectedly, when I right-clicked them, they went from there into my regular inventory.  So I expected them to return to the side armour inventory when I right-clicked them in my inventory.  They did not....


They vanished.


I assumed they were invisible again and repeated the above; no luck.  I relogged; no change.  I tried both together, nada.  To check if the 'right-click something into a supposed empty space' trick worked (that's how I get disappearances in my inventory to reappear), I made a second set of Energized Dark Armour and attempted to 'click and move' a piece to an 'invisible' item's location (it works with inventory glitches), it too vanished.  Desperate, I tried right-clicking another; failure.  So I repeated the relog and redeploy tactic, only to be disappointed again.


TLDR; Twice I've made the this armour and 'anviled' in the crystals, but both times parts vanish at the instant they should appear in the Basic Capacitor Bank.



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