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[FTB IE] Maybe time for a WIPE?


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I have always been a voice against premature wiping (like after 2-3 months people start asking for it, what?), but I think it is time, especially since we are on the new host.  It seems that we may have ported over some broken stuff in the world into our new server and problems are still persisting.  Because of this, I have been looking forward to a wipe ever since we moved to a new dedicated host.  Also, time does fly, I was kinda surprised after being reminded that it has been 6 months already XD.


Perhaps some suggestions:

-Could we get more biomes enabled?  I know that some of it has to be disabled for stability purposes, but the maps just seems so....vanilla.  Good on y'all for checking it out.

-Something NEEDS to be done about the instances of Mushroom Biomes.  The current map is 25% Mushroom Biomes.  The large northern ocean is literally 99% surrounded by Mushroom Biome.  Holy Shiitake Mushrooms, Batman.

-In my experience trying to get around the Cyclic Assemblers bug (CA just stops making things when properly set up/stocked), clocks/timers of any kind cause huge amounts of lag (using liquicrafters).

-Cyclic Assembler bug still persists :(


Edit: Any word after maintenance @brunyman?  We appreciate it! 

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