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[Command Request] Spring_Water


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NOTE: This request looks similar to Ness27's from earlier, as I copied a few points of interest he made.


Account Name: Spring_Water
Rank: Sponsor
Requested Commands^: 

1. /god

2. /top and /jump

3. Removal of teleportation timer & time in-between teleportation

4. Access to World Edit

5. /speed

Reason for Request*: 

1. Would like to have god mode because I am afk at spontaneous times, and I do not want to log in with a death menu, for the sake of convenience.

2. As Ness27 said, I would like to be able to teleport directly to the top surface when I am underground or under buildings etc. In my base I would find this extremely useful for my layered setup. Also, /jump would be nice for the /powertool command and would allow me instant travel across distances in a build, base, and exploration.

3. As Ness27 also said, I would appreciate not having to wait 2-3 seconds to teleport to homes, spawn, other players, etc. I understand the possible aspect of abuse with this, and I have no intentions for that. I have multiple sethomes as well as travelling between players with the /back command, and I often mess up with which location I meant to go to. 

4. I enjoy the aspect building now as I am at end-game. I have all the items I need as well as creative, but I want to build unique, intricate, larger structures that I don't want to have to place block by block. Some of these structures require repeating blocks as well as larger flat surfaces that would take quite a bit to fill. I have not, and will never grief or cause mayhem on this server, and same goes for the future of my play time - so I assure you world edit will not be a liability issue. This would be my most important command request, if I had to pick between the list.

5. This one is not a huge issue, but it would be convenient for myself to traverse a larger distance in a shorter time when building and /home is not available. This will not in any manor be used in a PvP situation, and I will not abuse this command at any time.


Thank you for your time and consideration. - Spring

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