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FTB SkyAdventures server RESET for protection update? Vote and tell us what do you think.


SkyAdventures Server Reset  

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  1. 1. Can we reset/wipe FTB SkyAdventures server to upgrade the island and protection system? This will fix island loss issues.

    • YES! Upgrade it now to fix these issues.
    • NO! Too soon for a reset. (island loss will continue to happen)
    • I don't care. Just show me the results.

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Hi guys, so this is about our SkyAdventures server. We need to change the island protection system, the major issue we have with the builtin mod is it is buggy and incomplete. At first I thought that using the built it mod was a good idea since it matches the single player experience, however the mod has issues in multiplayer, islands get lost and the mod is not really done like features are missing, there is no island deleting system and after we talked to the mod developer looks like there are no plans to develop it further, at least not any time soon. Also the server is not that populated because of these issues.

Please vote in the pool above and let us know when to do this update, it is required to do a server WIPE as changing the island and protection system means all existing islands will be lost. The new island protection system is similar to what we use on skyfactory3 and stoneblock2 servers.



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I did some digging into the issue causing islands to be lost. Here's what I found.

We lost data about a lot of islands due to a bug, causing these islands to be without an owner. Now, when a new player creates a new island, there is a chance that the new island spawns on top of an island we lost data of, thereby effectively griefing it and stealing it from the previous owner. There is no easy way for us to assign the lost islands back to their original owner.

That said, there might be a way to restore some island data. This however would be a lot of work to do and would still leave us with an all in all buggy island protection system.

Overall, a server wipe including the adoption of a different island protection system seems like the best way forward.

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