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MyTown Mod - Town Permissions

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Here's a little (probably not) guide to the town permissions. Hopefully, this guide will help solve problems and clear misunderstandings in the present and future. I noticed there are a few different topics about MyTown commands/permissions but they seem to be a little outdated. Frankly, I couldn't be bothered editing them. This is only a guide for the town perms, no other commands have been added as there are other topics on it.

Town Rights


Let us start with the player rights. Here, at the top of the permissions list, we have the Town member, Nation member, Outsider and Friend rights. These four permissions are quite useful and important in many situations.


There are five different "access rights" available for these permissions. In order of the level of access; None, Enter, Loot, Access and Build.

  • None - No permissions. Cannot enter/interact with claim. 
  • Enter - Allows player to Enter the claim. 
  • Loot - Allows player to enter the claim and pick up items. 
  • Access - All of the above and allows player to access storage systems such as chests and ME system. 
  • Build - All of the above and allows player to build on the claim. Place/Destroy blocks. 

To change the permission, use the command /town perm [town/plot/res] set <key> <value> | /town perm town set town build

For the permission value. Red means it has been manually set; pink means it is inherited, which is also mentioned in brackets.

Plot and Town permissions are quite different. You can set player plots with /town assignplot [player]. This will assign the chunk you are in, to that player. You will notice when you enter an assigned plot it will say the player's name (~player) if it is unassigned it will say ~unassigned.

You can also set residents permissions. There isn't much documentation about this and I could only configure my own res permission. /town perm res will only show your own permissions for the town. I guess you could find your own use for this.

The different permissions are quite self-explanatory but I will go through them anyway.

  • Town Member Rights - Set the permissions of your town members. This can be useful for different scenarios. For example, if you have a plot based town and only want members to have build access to their own plots, you can set the town permission to whatever, such as Loot or Access (pick up items or access storage systems). After this, you can then set plot perms.
  • Nation Member Rights - Set the permissions of your nation members. Useful for allowing joint towns forming a "nation" close to each other. Again, you can set both town and plot permissions, there are many different configurations to be some with each permission node including plot and town perms.
  • Outsider Rights - Set the permissions of outsiders. This is for players who are neither a member of your town, nation or a town friend. This node is set to Enter by default however, I often recommend it set to Loot to allow players to pick up their items if they die in the claim. You can also set this node to None if you do not wish for players to enter your claim. This can be useful to stop any harassment.
  • Friend Rights - Set the permissions of your town friends. You can add/remove town friends with /town friend [add/remove] [player]. Most people tend to leave this permission as it's default setting of Build. It's typical when wanting help to add the player as a town friend so they have access to the claim, then remove them after the help has been given.

Everything else


Here the remaining permissions. These permissions only require true or false. Everything is quite self-explanatory but for those who still seem to struggle, I will give a brief explanation.


Note: Leave everything as default (inherited) values unless you are interacting with the item/entity.

  • Cart Interaction - This will need to be set to true if you are using cart interaction.
  • Stevescarts Railers - This will need to be true if you are wanting to use Steve's Carts.
  • Stavescarts Miners - This will need to be true if you are wanting miner carts.

Note: I usually set all of them to true to make life easier when using carts.

  • Railcraft Bores - This can be left as default values since it's a restricted item.
  • Quarry, Filler, Builder - Leave as false unless you are wanting to use any of these items on your claim.
  • Computercraft Turtles - Leave as false unless you are using turtles on your claim.
  • Thaumcraft Arcane Bores - No point messing with this permission since Tekkit does not have the Thaumcraft mod.
  • Close Claiming - False by default, will prevent anyone claiming within 4 (I believe) chunks of your town border. If set to true then anyone can claim chunk close and adjacent to your border. Useful when making nations or sister towns.
  • Allow everyone to kill mobs - True by default. Allows/Disallows players to kill mobs on your claim.
  • Disable Creeper Explosion - False by default. Disabled creeper explosions. A bit pointless on our server since explosion block damage is disabled anyway. Might help if you don't want to be damaged though.
  • Disable TNT Explosion - True by default. Another "pointless" permission node to mess with on our server since explosion damage is disabled.
  • Disable Mobs - This node is quite useful. You can create specific mob farm areas by initialising the town and plot permissions. If you set Town mobsoff to true, you can choose an area for mob spawning with plot perms by setting mobsoff to false within the plot.
  • Disable FireBall/Wither Explosion - True by default. Another node that has no use for a change.

I have left out the Height permissions as these should be left as the default values.

Thank you for reading,


P.S. Feel free to ask questions and/or supply extra information.

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