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FTB Interactions Server updated to modpack version 1.2.1!

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Server address:  it.craftersland.net


FTB Interactions Server update to mod pack version 1.2.1 is complete, about 34 mods updated, 1 added and 1 removed and a lot of configuration changes!



  • Updated 33¬†mods.
  • Updated almost all configs.
  • Added a new mod that adds lamps called¬†Simply Lights and removed a mod called¬†No Night Vision Flash.
  • Updated scripts and libraries.
  • Updated Sponge, Griefprevention and Lukyperms to fix some protection issues.


The update is also available on our Launcher,  download here: LINK


Official change log:


    Fix astral sorcery fluid rarities config, extraneous zero was pushing max beyond max int occasionally causing sporadic crashes

Non Critical:
    Recipe fix for rotten egg
    Pam Dough Recipe in Mixing Basin shortened to one flour/salt since mixing basin cared     about order of inputs.
    Thaumium Dust now smelts in PBF and EBF
    added bonus chance to occasionally find crystallized oil with the prime
    Moved steamturbine controller recipe to euclydes gating
    cyclic sprinklers are now easier to craft
    spirits can now be summoned outside of the void world
    thaumium dust can now be remelted
    fluxbore quest should now work correctly
    fixed recipe conflict with rustic chains and deadlymonster reinforcement
    fixed questgiver quest in ayo technology


Critical Update:
    GTCE has removed its radioactivity enchantment. Server operators will need to `/fml confirm` their server after updating.

    This has resulted in a enchantment ID shift - the most relevant one being that equipment enchanted with soulbound will lose it.

Removed Ice and Fire Silver Ingot and Nugget properly in favor GTCE counterparts
Deprecated Pam's Salt in favor of Mekanism / GTCE variants

ID Variable card should now still be able to be copied and cleared in crafting grid.
Lowered NeuroCPU from ZPM voltage to LuV Voltage
Re-added a GT ash -> Carbon centrifurge recipe
Can cook GT Pig iron into TC Pig iron
Tiny charcoal can now be cut frfom water powered saw
Removed recipe that lets you craft Nether Portal Blocks into other cosmetic Stable Stone
Edited JED dimensions gamerule to force refresh cyberware_keepCyberware gamerule to true
Added GTCE Basalt to Chisel Basalt Group
Added recipe for Damascus Steel
Fixed oredicts for aevitas and mineralis
Increased stack size of all GTCE motors to 64
Lowered water cost for tofu processing in workbench
Buffed output yield on crystalized and empowered oil
Added recipe for creative tinkers tool modifier
Added Drop of Evil lightwell recipe for liquid nightmares
Added Phytogenic Insolator support for Crystal/Dark Crystal wood/chunks
Buffed XU2 Dolly recipe to be earlier
Pam's Gardens now actually spread
Buff Improved Coke Oven (roughly 20% more output)
Improved coke oven now highly favors coked coal production over charcoal production
Blizz and Basaltz powder recipes added to Chemical Bath, removed transposer recipes
Added GTCE Pig iron to Tinkers Pig Iron
Neuromatic prime will now pull up to 4 million buckets of oil from newly generated chunks that contain oil
dragon flute recipe has been made earlier game to call back hippogiphs etc
rotten eggs no longer drop from chickens and instead are craftable in a crucible
tiny glowstone crafting recipe in the alchemy array now yields 5 tiny dust per craft
increased the yield of the photonuclear fission chamber

Notable Mod Updates:
        Hell infused bookshelves should retain enchantmetns when broken with Silk Touch
        New Enchantment - Occult Aversion
        Shield Bash no longer triggers when shield is in off hand

    Draconic Evolution
        Fixed ore rarely generating in the rings even when disabled

        Fixed custom 'ding' sound being reset on startup

    GTCe 365 -> GTCE 387
        Water electrolysis now uses correct amount of energy
        Removed Radon as Noble Gas Centrifuge byproduct
        Large Boilers received some buffs
        Monazite -> Helium is now removed (might be re-added for pack purposes)
        Indium Gallium Phospide crafting recipe outputs 3 instead of 6
        Minor buff to item collectors

    Shadows of Greg 2.3 -> 2.5
        Removed duplicate bentonite recipe
        More efficient red alloy recipes for higher voltages
        Boiler upgrades are now less expensive than normal recipes
        Solidifier for glass tubes
        Glowstone blocks in compressor
        Removed duplicate ethylene recipe

        Category removal should not have any more problems

        Can use torches to burn cobwebs
        Handles no night vision flashing now, making NONVFlash mod redundant and removed

    Pam's Harvestcraft

    Thermal Logistics
        Crafters no longer consume the entire tool when crafting and use durability instead

    Xaero's Minimap
        Waypoints can now be shared to the server with share button

Mod Additions
    Simply Lights

Mod Removals
    No Night Vision Flash (now handled by Random Tweaks)

    Removed Kill Villager task and added alternative emerald task for players in pacifist voidworld route
    270+ new quest rewards were added (pls stop complaining, questbook is supposed to be supplemental anyways)
    Added warnings about flux and warp in the TC quest lines
    several new questlines added including the new microcrafting hell questline in Ayo technology


Cross mod interactions!


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