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[Mekanism Power] ~270 mil RF/t


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Hello to all!

I want to showcase a method to get a lot of power with little impact on space and server (at least much friendly than a rainbow generator setup).

What you need to make this run at max efficiency and max size:

1. Mods: Mekanism, Actually Additions (or any mod that can facilitate infinite water transfer, you'll need a lot), Pam's Harvestcraft (sink),  EnderIO (optional) and any other mod that can improve the setup;

2. Prerequisites: A lot of steel, 1 setup to turn brine (infinite from spawn) into fuel.

  • To get things started you need to make the fuel needed to keep up with the high injection rate for the reactors:

          - a Thermal Evaporation Plant setup to turn the brine into Liquid Lithium that then goes into an Electrolytic Separator to make the Deuterium and Tritium which you can store it in a AE gas system or in a gas tank

  • To get the amount of steam needed to keep the Industrial Turbine running you'll need about 3 Fusion Reactors running at about 80 injection rate (i keep 2 at 98 and 1 at 60)



As you can see above in the images, 1 reactor at 98 injection rate makes 3.675.000 mb/t and needs same amount of water to be pumped in. that is where the Actually Additions comes in; using lasers you can pump the water at infinite rate. The downside is that you always need to link the lasers again after every server restart.

Building the Fusion Reactors next to the Industrial Turbine skips the need to pump the steam out of the reactor. It auto outputs. Same goes for recycling the water out of the turbines.

As you can see in the wiki page for the turbine, its a 17x17x18 multiblock structure.








After being assembled it will make around 270 mil RF/t. If provided with the necessary amount of steam (9.360.000 mb/t of steam):




Hope this helps you with learning a new and not so common way of generating power.

If you have any questions you can leave a message here or on skyblock2 discord section.

Thank you and have a great time on the server!

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