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Welcome To Tekkit - Introduction


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Hello there player, how is your day going? Anyways, I am going to write up a guide about Tekkit. I will update this constantly and post things like tutorials and the what not.



         Tekkit is a modpack for Minecraft that adds many new things like machines, energy, space, and many other wonderful things. Unlike Vanilla Minecraft where you have to mine to get what you need, Tekkit adds items that can make your entire base automatic. From gathering ores to harvesting food, it can all be made automatic with the use of machines. Due to there being 109 mods in Tekkit, the servers can expect some lag unlike Vanilla Minecraft so be prepared.


Getting The Game



The game requires java, that can easily be found in the link below. (May be outdated)



To get the launcher for it you must go to this website. (This link is for those with premium minecraft only)



If you are looking for the cracked launcher go to this link.




Getting Started on Tekkit Craftersland

        When you first enter Tekkit Craftersland you will run into something that looks like this. http://imgur.com/VOpsa4v

The first thing you want to do is register yourself on the server, this can be done by typing in the in game command provided. Whenever you log in you will be required to type in [ /login (password) ] and will teleport you to your last location when you logged out. Following that, you want to type in 

[ /kit starter ] and [ /kit food ]

this will give you some items to start out with. You also want to be sure you are in global chat so that you can interact with everyone on the server. There are two chats, local, which allows for only players nearby to hear you and global, for everyone in the world to hear. [ /ch g ] for global chat and [ /ch l ] for local chat. Once you got that, head straight until you hit the centre and either go left or right until you run into a sign that has [RandomSpawn] labeled on it. When this sign is right clicked it will teleport you to somewhere random in the world where you can start your adventure!


The Adventure Begins!

        Now that you have found a random area in the world that is hopefully un-inhabitited you can start building your base of operations. To look for other nearby towns you can use the command

[ /town map ]. A grid like map will show up in the chat that looks like a series of 0 and _ . The 0 represents a town's owned chunk while _ represents an unclaimed chunk. For more information refer to the Protection System section. Like all beginnings in Minecraft, you want to get yourself the necessary things for survival. These include; wood, food, tools, ores, and shelter. Do not worry about the new items you may come across if you are new to Tekkit, they are play a key part in making later items. A good food source can include meats and bread. Ores to focus on include iron, coal, and copper. Once you get all that good stuff you want to head back to your base of operations asap so you can claim it to prevent any theft or destruction of the land.


Protection System




        Tekkit Craftersland uses the MyTown protection system to protect a player's items and builds, this will assure that things are not stolen. As said in the section above, you can use the [ /town map ] command to find nearby towns. The town cannot be too close to other towns or it will not let it be made, so try to stay as far away as possible from other towns.

Now let's get started on making your very own town!

The first thing you want to do is type in [ /ifo vote ] in game chat so you can obtain ashAsh is this server's currency and is what is used to make towns and buy items from spawn. There are a total of nine websites you can vote on at once to get ash. Each website will only allow you to vote once per day so use the ash you obtain wisely. To make a town you want to type in [ /town new (name) ] once the command is typed in it will ask you to pay 6 ash in order for it to be made, right click the ash when it is in your hot bar. Congrats! Your town should hopefully be made, that will also mean that your items and builds are safe from harm. If you wish to expand the town you must stand outside of what is already claimed and type in [ /town claim ] this will cost 2 ash, this claims a chunk which is a 16x16 area. If you really want to make life easier hit the F9 key and it should show you the chunk in different formats. Keep in mind that if another town is too close it will not allow you to claim more chunks for your town. If another town is nearby and the players within it are inactive then you can ask me to set their town permissions to [ /town perm town set closeclaim true ] this will allow for you to claim right up to that town's borders. To check the town's information simply type in [ /town info (townname) ] and it will show it's residents along with what rank they are in the town. To check the player's last known login you can type in 

[ /seen (name) ] and that will give you the information about when the player was last online. The period in which a player is considered to be inactive is a minimum of two months.



Not Enough Items (NEI)




        Not enough items is the mod in Tekkit that allows people to search for items, this graph appears beside your inventory when you press E. If NEI is not appearing be sure to press the O key so that it appears. With NEI you are not able to spawn in items, instead you get to find the items of choice and how to craft them. Beside each item you will find that it has numbers, that is the item's ID number. Using the machine's ID number is usually easier for people to understand because all they would have to do is search it up instead of asking for a description of the item. To view the recipe for the item of choice if it is one that requires crafting left click it or press the R key while hovering over it with the cursor. If you are curious about what the item may be used for, try right clicking it. A description of what the item is used for / what it does should appear.




Starting on Simple Power




       When you have a decent amount of items, it's time to start scratching the surface of the mod pack. The best way to do that is to get a form of power up and running. There are many different forms of power and making the power, the list is too extensive for me to list on here but I will guide you through them all in due time throughout this FAT tutorial. Here are some of the starting power making items you can make.


These small, yet powerful machines will be a fantastic way of getting some simple power. The easiest one that can be made is the steam dynamos (2001). The steam dynamo runs off coal and water and is very easy to maintain.




I have made up my mind, I will work on this every evening and add bits and pieces everyday.

( I kind of got lazy and now I barely even touch this. ) 

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