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I can confirm, another player killed Gondis with that potion, and then he put that potions in a shulker, Gondis asked me for help because he didn't know what to do, and then I got rid that potions. @TheTheadNote reported that player with @iiTzFermin_ but he banned Gondis instead of that player. (I won't say his name because Fermin knows it)

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Hello Good in first place

JaredGT: had nothing items ilegal

Gondis: I found ilegal potions in your home, also dupped dragon eggs

I found bottles of xp with Tag to the name of HowYouLikeThatBP

you did wrong to remove the shulker HowYouLikeThatBP

 @Gondis why you had potions stored in a chest?


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Jared had illegal stuff and he used it to kill me and you have the proof of the photo where he says it was his, and he gave it to me but I never used it, I just took a screenshot to report him.
I found the dragon eggs in the end and I caught them but I didn't think it was illegal and I don't know how to dubbs.

The potions in the chest I didn't want to give them to HowYouLikeThatBP because I wanted to store some kind of living proof because the other stuff was going to be removed but I could never contact an admin but since they are never connected and I didn't use them for anything I stored them in a chest for the same reason in case they wanted proof but I see they don't do things that way. 


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17 hours ago, Gondis said:

but I could never contact an admin but since they are never connected

This is false, every day I connect, and yes someday not i'm

My fellows of the staff will members be there to help you

1- You did wrong stored the potions in a chest also you no shouldn have given the shulker to HowYouLikeThatBP

2-Yes there was no online staff on that time, the betther option was to do the report

TheTheadNote made the report and i as staff check them both

Note: For the next time use /Helpop or make the report

Advice: Never accept items/object ilegal 

Unban Requests Denied

Have a Nice day!!


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