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                                                                      Assassins Server Guide



This is the tutorial guide for the Assassins Craft V1 Server, it explains all the concepts, tactics, strategies and anything/everything that there is to know about the assassins craft version one server.


Welcome if you are reading this you must be new to assassins and are trying to figure out the game. The basics of assassins is ranking up and acquiring iron/gold to buy and advance in armor tiers.


The first rank that you start with is Recruit <1>, The <1> Is a sub rank of that rank meaning Recruit<5> is the last rank of Recruit, and goes into Initiate <1>.


Fame is what you earn by killing other people. It starts as Fame 1 and increases as you kill people so after killing 2 people you get 2 fame and it goes up to 40 fame per kill. Fame is what you need to level up to more and more ranks which basically gets you respect from other players seeing that you are a certain ranked player. The highest rank is Master assassin <5>.


Here is everything that you need to know for assassins.



                                                                          Beginner Stage



Welcome to assassins. You are a new person here and should read very carefully. The players here can be aggressive and will kill anyone that they see. Your first step is to get coal which is the beginners and the lowest form of currency one can get. The currencies available are Coal, Iron then Gold. Gold being the most expensive and iron being the semi-rarely found one.


You can find these in different tier chests on rooftops or in buildings. Chests are scattered around the world and some are hidden. The ones that you find in spawn town contain coal and some contain items such as wooden swords and leather armor.


Your first goal should be to acquire lots of coal and save up for chain armor. This will take some time, while your at it ill explain to you another secret to making more money faster. There are special chests buried and hidden with challenges (parkours) that contain iron and sometimes even gold! Yes! Gold!


Parkours can be found almost everywhere and the farther they are from spawn the larger the challenge. They also have timers meaning you can only take the loot from it every hour or every day


The first chest that you should visit is the daily park our chest. It is located on the second floor of the spawn building. This chest contains iron and can sometimes even give an axe and resets every 24 hours. When you begin you arrive in a hallway on your left is the Donor rank shop and on your right is the Spawn player shops. Go straight until you arrive at a ender portal, no worries go ahead and jump into it, its just a portal to the actual spawn building which is also located on the over world.


You have now arrived at the main spawn building here there are multiple NPC's and ender chests. Your ender chest has one row of slots and can be upgraded by purchasing more command books. The Bankers located next to each set of ladders has the ability to change currency, so when you have 64 coal then you can get 1 iron, and when you have 64 iron you can get 1 gold. You also have a wallet located in the ninth slot of your inventory which can store iron for you instead of putting it in your ender chest or your inventory.


There are three spawn gates that allow you to exit into the main city. Avoid people sitting outside the gate they are spawn campers and you should report them to staff members like helpers, judges, moderators, admins and Game Masters. In the event that no staff member is online contact the forums with screenshot evidence and as much detail as you can give.





                                                                  Intermediate & Dungeon Guide



By now you should be a Iron tier person. Your next goal is to acquire the Diamond Tier which costs about 160 gold ingots in total. Now you must get gold from dungeons and save up and not get distracted by other seemingly "good" trades. The dungeons i go to are located near spawn and a bit distant too.


The first dungeon you might have found is the maze dungeon located in wooden city on the right hand side of spawn facing the wall that contains the bankers. head that way out a gate and you will arrive at a large wooden gate that has tall buildings.


------Dungeon 1-------


Head straight till you come a cross a small little shack now enter it there should be a water block, jump into it and you'll arrive at this easy dungeon. Simply do the park our which involves jumping up the gold blocks till you get to the second part. Now here there are webs and soul sand which keeps you from being 100% mobile. All you have to do is jump and get to the other side by hopping across each soul sand. Practice makes Perfect so you wont get it right on your first try. I did not either it took me hours of frustration to finish the damn dungeon but that was with the guidance of a good GameMaster Jim.


Now you must accomplish the maze on your own i cannot guide you through it but the dungeon is tricky dont give in to the obvious signs that say "Prize this way" or "go this way". You will come across a series of chests the loot chest is hidden and once you open it, take the prize as quick as you can and exit the chest only when you have all the stuff otherwise you will get teleported back to spawn automatically.


------Dungeon 2------


This Dungeon is in the same place as you found the last one, wooden city. The tallest sky scraper with black and white wool is where you need to go. Preferably with a tripwire hook that costs 10 gold or you can do the parkour on your own. You will need two fire resistance potions to do this. This needs no explanation other then the fact that dont fall in webs or lava or the void. The chests are located in the lava column room where the 5 pillars of lava are. Two of them have chests one of those two contains a hidden chest with the loot while the other has an entrance to another parkour.


-----Dungeon 3------


This dungeon is located in camelot far beyond the Golden gate which is straight/north from spawn. While traveling straight you will arrive at stone city, from there go right and keep traveling straight that way until you arrive at another forest with a sign that says Ninhill. Now travel straight down that way through the forest until you arrive at two routes take the right one now you will come to a place with a sign that says Exodar with really tall jungle trees. There are tier 3 chests here with iron ingots inside but lets not stray away from the dungeon were going to. Keep heading straight and then make a left into a clearing where you will see gravel in the ground. Congratulations you have now arrived at Camelot.


Go past the wooden bridge and keep going till you see a guy called arthur standing around in chainmail armor. Go straight and look up for the cyan/white wool roofed building. inside there is a door which when you open has nether rack. And a few signs for instructions. Not to be offensive but the signs are bullshit dont listen to them. Jump down until you arrive at the center now head to another nether rack block which is located high above a pit of water. Underneath the water is void. Now jump that until u get to a netherack block just in front of it diagonally. 


Follow through the dungeon its relatively easy you need fire resistance potions for this one also.

Just use common sense and you will get through it quickly.


I go to these dungeons because they have minimal reset times. There are a lot more scattered around the world so traveling is a great idea just make sure you have the correct provisions and you will be rich in no time.


                                                                             Overall Guide



Fame is used to rank up use the command /rank to see where you stand. The command /ladder shows the top 3 players on the server currently Danielkinz is number 1.


-----------------------------------                                                                                 ------------------------------------

        Currency exchange                                                                                                              Ranks

-----------------------------------                                                                                 ------------------------------------

         ~Coal = Coal                                                                                                        1. Recruit 1-5

         ~Iron = 64 coal                                                                                                     2. Initiate 1-5

         ~Gold =64 iron                                                                                                     3. Apprentice 1-5

                                                                                                                                       4. Footpad 1-5

            Coal = Iron                                                                                                         5. Disciple 1-5

              64   =   1                                                                                                           6. Mercenary 1-5

            Iron  = Gold                                                                                                        7. Warrior 1-5

             64    =    1                                                                                                          8. Veteran 1-5

                                                                                                                                        9. Assassin First Rank 1-5

                                                                                                                                      11. Assassin Second rank 1-5

                                                                                                                                      12. Assassin third Rank 1-5

                                                                                                                                      13. Assassin fourth rank 1-5

                                                                                                                                      14. Assassin Fifth rank 1-5

                                                                                                                                      15. Master Assassin 1-5


There are only 15 ranks in the game. Master assassin is the final rank and after that you collect fame to get up on the top 3 players on the server ladder. /ladder shows the top three and /rank shows the fame that you have.


Fishing in lakes in Exodar or Camelot will gain you fish and sometimes enchantment books which can be used or sold for gold/iron.


There are parkours that their reward chest might give you food, chain armor, xp bottles, and some other cool stuff



        Armor Tiers


1. Leather

2. Chain

3. Iron

4. Diamond


 Gold armor is a VIP only armor, though it has no special effects and is as good as chain armor.

Note Gold armor can not be repaired. All other armor types can be repaired by left clicking them on the anvils which costs coal but fixes the durability back to normal be careful not to drop your armor or someone might pick it up then you will obviously be unhappy so it is recommended not to repair in lag.


                                                                          Tactics and Strategies



If you are being followed make sure to make quick cuts through buildings and go quickly towards spawn if you can afford grenades they help a lot since they blind the people after you and make your name invisible for five seconds.


If you are about to die dont disconnect go down fighting hopefully you'll injure this attacker to where he also gets killed by you or by someone else. 


Crouching will save your life. Crouch behind a building hopefully if the attacker is incompetent hell go past you.


If you cant heal yourself and lack food or are blinded/poisoned use /bukkit:kill this is a suicide command and kills you but wont reset your fame streak. Dieng by the hands of an opponent reduces your streak to back to 1.


When you climb a tree right click the leaves to go inside them. When you go in you will invisible on the Tab screen to everyone but yourself as well as completely vanished from anyone near by so no one can detect you. Left clicking will get you out of the leaves but sometimes glitches and you get stuck in them so using a horse or /spawn is advised if you are stuck.



The assassination plugin



As you progress through the game you discover new abilities added by the assassination plugin.

You can either learn to control them or disable them by writing /assassination (you can enable them again by the same command)

The basic assassination abilities:


------Wall Climbing-------

When you right click on a wall, it will cause you to hop up a little, and by right clicking alot you can climb up the wall. Wall climbing is working the best on wood logs and ladders on which you can just hold right click to climb, though for walls made of other materials like sandstone or cobblestone you will need to right click alot to climb.


------Wall Jump------

As a continue to the wall climbing, you also have wall jumping. When you left click on a wall, it will make you dash backwards.



When you fall from a hight that is big enough to cause you damage, instead of hitting the ground and taking full damage from the fall, you will lose alot less health and you will use roll, that will cause you to move forward a little bit.

Note that disabling assassination will disable the rolling, though the emount of damage that you will take will still be reduced.


------High Jumps------

A trick discovered by danielkinz and his favorite. its a semi-hard trick to perform. When you run, jump, and click alot on the ground it will make you jump higher. Its really usefull to get fast on top of buildings when you are being chased or just when you want to get to a high place. This trick works the best on tall grass.



                                                                          Special items



You might notice that there are 3 more shops at spawn that sell special items.

Here is a list of them and how to use them:


------Tripwire hook------

A really usefull tool and highly reccomanded to get as fast as possible. By pressing Q while holding it, the hook will shoot an arrow (dont worry, not using your arrows) that will launch you toward the place that the arrow will hit. Pressing shift when the arrow hit something will cause a stronger boost towards it.



One of the trader is selling shields. When you right click with the shield it will protect you from any type of damage (not including potions, potion effects and fire!). Even though they all look like wooden swords they do in fact work, and the higher the tier the better the shield is. 

Note that the shield will protect only from in front of you, and you still can be hit from behind.


------Smoke Grenade------

When used, nearby players will be affected by the smoke, and will be blinded, making it the best item to use if you want to escape from someone. It will also give you invisibility for few moments.



Like a bow but with long range, and deals double damage on headshot.

Note that you will need to reload it and it does use arrows.


------Skeleton Killer------

A really powerfull weapon. Acts like a shotgun. Shooting multiple fire arrows when left clicking.

Note that it is using 1 arrow per shot, though you can shoot only 6 times in a row, and than you need to reload it.

You will notice that it doesn't cost gold or normal currency, it cost bones. The only way to get bones is by killing skeletons in legoland (the hardest parkour).


------Flintlock Pistol------

Pretty much like a crossbow but with shorter range and lower damage. Deals bonus damage on headshot


------Rope Dart------

Really usefull if you want to pull someone toward you. Right clicking with it will shoot an arrow, that will cause the player that you hit to be pulled towards you.



Pretty much - A throwing knife. Right clicking with it will shoot the knife.

Note that the knife is 1 time use though it can stack up to 64



Not alot of people bough it, so almost no one knows what it really does. Most of the people believe that its dealing double damage when you attack someone from behind.

Note that you can enchant it with sharpness, but only with enchanted books



Hiddenblades are the most expansive weapons in the game.

There are 4 types of Hiddenblades:

Normal hiddenblade: will cause damage when you hit someone, No further info since usually people buy straight the poison hiddenblades

Poison Hiddenblades: Will cause damage when you hit someone, and cause to 8 seconds of blindness,poison 2, slowness and nausia.

Hiddenblade Gun: Like the normal hiddenblade but will shoot an arrow when right clicked.

Reload it by right clicking with an arrow in your hand.

Hiddenblade Poison+Gun: The most powerfull and expansive hiddenblade. Acts like a combination of the Gun hiddenblade the Poison hiddenblade. Will shoot a poisonous arrow that will effect the target with 8 seconds of poison 2, blindness, slowness and nausia.




Thanks for reading I believe I covered everything that there is to know except for all the dungeons since there are too many to simply jot down here. I will work on some more tutorials for other servers as well by tomorrow.


Thanks for the read Like the post if it helped!

Thanks again :)

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Personally i prefer detailed threads but new comers aint gonna read all this , When i was new i did not even like to register to a servers website and i know quite a few haha,

And if he is a veteran of AC he wont need this

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 Well now if someone needs help i dont have to go into detailed explanations ill just give them the link and they can read about it.

And mrbatman your wrong i read all the tutorials on day 1. And most other people have as well.

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I added 2 more parts about the assassination tricks and the weapons :P

Also, whats your deal with writing park our instead of parkour? xD



i write park our cause those red dashes that highlight spelling mistakes annoy me lol :P


Thanks all for the comments/likes & danielkinz for adding another portion to it :).

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