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[Guide Book] Part 3. Lycanites Mobs


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We continue where we left off last time. Today, we're talking about Lycanites Mobs and how to tame them!


But first...some essential information about the mod itself!

Lycanites Mobs | RLCraft Wiki | Fandom


Lycanites Mobs is a mod created by ''Lycanite'' themselves, and this mod really fires up the gameplay in RLCraft.

The mod adds a whopping 110 mobs to the game, and they're all divided in a specific type


Aberration - Asmodeus, Astaroth, Beholder, Krake, Shade, Trite

Aquatic - Abaia, Abtu, Aglebemu, Cephignis, Dweller, Ika, Ioray, Lacedon, Roa, Silex, Skylus, Strider, Thresher

Arthropod - Calpod, Concapede, Darkling, Erepede, Eyewig, Frostweaver, Gorgomite, Herma, Joust, Joust Alpha, Lurker, Sutiramu, Tarantula, Vespid, Vespid Queen

Avian - Raiko, Roc, Uvaraptor, Ventoraptor

Beast - Arisaur, Aspid, Barghest, Chupacabra, Conba, Dawon, Epion, Feradon, Geken, Jabberwock, Khalk, Kobold, Maka, Maka Alpha, Manticore, Maug, Quillbeast, Salamander, Warg, Wraamon, Yale, Yeti

Brute - Ettin, Lobber, Troll, Wildkin

Demon - Behemoth, Belph, Cacodemon, Pinky, Rahovart

Dragon - Cockatrice, Ignibus, Morock, Quetzodracl, Remobra, Zoataur

Elemental - Aegis, Argus, Banshee, Cinder, Djinn, Eechetik, Geonach, Grue, Jengu, Nymph, Reiver, Spectre, Spriggan, Sylph, Tremor, Vapula, Volcan, Wisp, Wraith, Xaphan, Zephyr

Imp - Afrit, Arix, Clink, Pixen, Gnekk

Plant - Ent, Shambler, Treant, Triffid

Undead - Amalgalich*, Cryptkeeper, Geist, Ghoul, Reaper, Wendigo

Worm - Crusk, Gorger, Serpix


As you can see, there are MANY mobs that ''Lycanite Mobs'' bring to the game. 

I've underlined the 3 Boss Events, which can be activated by making an altar and using the correct ''Soul key''.

A small number of these mobs will not appear in the normal world (due to the excessive number of mobs).


*The ''Amalgalich'' Boss Event has been disabled due to causing lag and potential grief.


How do you make an altar? Easy...


Each boss event has a special altar that only works for that specific boss event

For example: This is the altar you use to summon ''Rahovart''. When you do so, you right-click the ''Demonic Soulcube'' which is located in the center with the correct ''Emerald Soul Key'' or ''Diamond Soul Key''.


Lycanites Mobs | Rahovart Altar



Let's get back to the more interesting stuff...taming a Lycanites Pet!


Every time you encounter a new Lycanites Mob, you receive the following text: 

now that's a big rat! : RLCraft


In other words, in order to summon a ''Kobold'' as your minion, you'll need a ''Summoning Staff'' which is easily obtainable in the ''Vote Crate''.


The default button to access your ''Bestiary'' is G. Here, you can setup what minion would you like to spawn in when using a ''Summoning Staff''.


The process of taming begins like this:

1. Firstly, tame your Lycanites Mob with the correct ''treat''(there are 14 of them, eg. you tame a Roc with “Avian Treat”)

2. Use a ''Soulstone'' to bind your pet to your ''Bestiary''

3. Every time you want to spawn in your Lycanite Pet, simply press ''G'' to access your Bestiary and you can then change his actions, stance and movement!

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