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7 Segment Clock (IRL time)


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This is a clock that displays the time IRL.  It uses a program I made to grab the time and spit it out in a 7 segment display.  I have it showing 12 hour format EST but you can change the program slightly to get any timezone and/or 24 hour format.  




I am using pistons but you can hook it up to lights such as Project-Red Lamps if you don't want the piston noise.  Use Rednet cables and copy the layout with the same colors on each side.  You can scale it up by adding more blocks for each color/segment.  




Do the same for both sides with the same layout and colors.  Connect them to an Advanced Computer on the right and left sides (with the computer facing the front of the display).




Open up the Computer and type:

pastebin get 4nRg9CHU json          (this downloads the API used in the program)




Next, type: 

pastebin get 2DNvbwUA startup

You should now have a working clock in 12 hour EST format. 




In order to change the time zone, go to http://worldtimeapi.org/timezone/ and click on your timezone. 

Click on the JSON link (as circled in red) and copy the URL.




Edit the startup program and paste the URL in the http.request("    ")

Save the program and restart.  You should now have changed the timezone.



In order to get the time in 24 hour format, comment out or delete the 3 lines at the top of the picture.  




To get the blinking colon in the middle I used a simple timer with a Programmable Rednet Controller.  Use rednet cables on the white channel connected to the top of it.

Copy the settings in the picture.





Feel free to message me in game or on discord if you have any problems.

Here are links to everything:






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