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[Guide] How To Make Diesel in MV Tier


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How to make Diesel set-up at MV tier

  In this guide i will explain how to make a Diesel Set-up (using oil and oilsand ore) to power your MV+ machinery. 

You will need the following machines:

 1- Advanced Centrifuge x 1
 2- Advanced Distillery x 2
 3- Advanced Chemical Reactor x 2
 4- Advanced Electrolyzer x 2
 5- Super Tank I (or higher) x 1
 6- Low Voltage Fluid tank (or higher) x 7
 7- Advanced Mixer x 1
 8- Better Barrel x 2
 9) Oilsand Ore x from 1 to 64 stacks 
 10) Fluid Pipe with a MV Pump x 2
 11) Diamond Tanks filled with Oil x 5 (the more the better)

Now i will explain how to build the set-up to turn Oilsand in to Heavy fuel:

You first need the centrifuge Processing the Oilsand, it does not need a circuit to process it.

The centrifuge will process the Oilsand in to Heavy Oil and that Heavy Oil need to be transfer in to a Distillery with Circuit #1 to produce Sulfuric Heavy Fuel. Then transfer the Sulfuric Heavy Fuel in to a Chemical reactor with 
Circuit #4 with Hydrogen Cells to produce Heavy Fuel. (Next line will explain how to get the Hydrogen Cells)

 (1-A) You will need an Electrolyzer with Circuit #3, water and empty cells to produce Hydrogen Cells. This process will also produce Oxygen. Send the Oxygen in to one of the Low Voltage Fluid tank for storage. 

Once you have the Sulfuric Heavy Fuel inside the Chemical Reactor with Circuit #4 and Hydrogen Cells, it will produce the heavy fuel. The Heavy Fuel can then be sent to a Low Voltage Fluid Tank for storage. The Chemical reactor will also
create cells filled with Hydrogen Sulfide that you send to another Low Voltage Fluid Tank for storage. 

(The Oxygen and the Hydrogen Sulfide will not be used in this process to produce the Diesel, so you can send it to big storage areas for later use, or set a system to void them)

Now i will explain how to build the set-up to turn Oil in to Light Fuel:

First you will need to place the Super Tank I and attach a Fluid Pipe with a MV Pump so you can pump the Oil from the Diamond Tanks in to the Super Tank I. Then you need to set a second MV Pump in another Fluid Pipe to pump the Oil 
from the Super Tank I in to a Distillery with Circuit #2. This process will turn Oil in to Sulfuric Light Fuel. Send the Sulfuric Light Fuel in to a Chemical Reactor with Circuit #4 and Hydrogen Cells to produce the Light Fuel. 
(See line (1-A) to produce the Hydrogen Cells that goes in to the Chemical reactor.) Send the Light Fuel in to a Low Voltage Fluid Tank with Empty Cells, so you can fill the Cells with Light Fuel.

Now that you are producing both Heavy Fuel and Light Fuel, all you have to do is Mix Them to make the Diesel. I will explain how now:

Send the Heavy Fuel in liquid form in to a Mixer with Circuit #5 and Light Fuel Cells. This will mix the Heavy Fuel with the Light Fuel and Produce Diesel. 

And there you go, you have a Diesel Set-Up using Both Oil and Oilsands. 

Remember that Bi-products like Oxygen and Hydrogen Sulfide will be produced in the set-up and need to be stored or void, you will also need to send back the empty cells to get them filled again to automate the process.
I Just Covered the basics, the automate part i will leave it up to you guys to figure it out. 

I use the Low Voltage Fluid tank to store the Liquids to make it easier to empty or fill cells, but the final product and By-products i send in to maxed out steel tanks. Meaning i have 1 tank for Diesel, one tank for Oxygen and one tank for Hydrogen Sulfide. The Oxygen can be used in the Electronic Blast Furnace to help with the ingot production. The Hydrogen Sulfide is used in some Chemical reactor recipes.

There are many ways of producing Heavy Fuel, Light Fuel and Diesel, i just shared the way i do it and in no way i claim is the most effective or the only way. Its up to you to find the way that better work for you.

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