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How to specify how many items you want to have in a inventory


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Hello guys!

I've seen a lot of players asking this question, so I decided to make this small guide on how to do it!!

(correct me if I did something/said something wrong 😅)

what I'm going to use in this setup: 

* hopping bonsai, with sapling.

* memory chest (I use small).

* Itemduct (any type).

* Retriver (the higher the better).

* the destination inventory (crafter/chest... etc).




I'm using a gold sapling as an example, I filtered what I want to keep in the memory chest (hold the item and press on the middle mouse button on the slot you want to lock it): (you can filter it any way you want)



now to the next part, the Retriver, that's the default GUI for it:


now if you look at the top right area from it you'll notice the "Infinity" word, that's the main thing we want to mess with, it specify the amount of items you want to have in the destination inventory per each type, so if i changed it to number "1", it'll move and keep only one item from each type from the source inventory to the destination inventory (which are in this case the memory chest -> packager, and the items are gold acorns and gold resin), but we want more than one item to use/craft something with these items, so I'm going to put it on 64 items:


as you can see above, the number changed to "64", you can change it by pressing on the "+" and "-" buttons in the GUI, now this will move and keep only one stack from each item, but before that happens we need to turn off Redstone control, press on the Redstone picture on the top right area:


and press on the button inside the green circle, that will turn off Redstone control and make it always on.


now that we turned that off, the items should start moving to the destination inv:


we have 64 items from each type we're moving, as you can see above.

now if we turn on/power that packager it'll start crafting the ambers and keeping 64 items only from each type!



now you can automate bonsai's and amber crafting without worrying about the packager gets filled with only one item and stops crafting.


reply if you need any help with it, or DM me on discord --ASOOD--#3076



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