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Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons server update to version 1.48 is complete!


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Server address:  rad.craftersland.net


Server update to modpack version 1.48 is complete. Fixes and few mods updated! This update is available for download on CurseForge and our CraftersLand Launcher.



  • Updated 11 mods
  • Removed 1 mod
  • Updated configs and scripts
  • Maintenance complete


Official changelog:

RAD 1.47a --> RAD 1.48

	Ancient Spellcraft (AncientSpellcraft-1.12.2-1.2.2.jar --> AncientSpellcraft-1.12.2-1.2.3.jar):
			Version 1.2.3 Changelog:
			* The Spell Blades are here! The first class armor weapon - choice of a Battlemage
			Each spell blade has unique effects, based on the element of your worn Battlemage armor set
			* Plenty of improvements for the new Evil Battlemage wizards
			* Arcane Anvil and a bunch of more stuff related to spell blades
			* New battlemage skins
			* Updated Igloo spell to use temporary blocks and respect claims
			* Updated Ice Tower to respect claims
			* Many new recipes
			* Some new spells, including the set of the "animate" sorcery spells
			* Some new artefacts
			* Added many of the missing sound effects
			* A bunch of smaller tweaks and updates
			* Fixed Pendant of Eternity
			Need a server? With BisectHosting's automated modpack install, setting up a server can be done in just a few clicks:

	Corail Tombstone (Corail Tombstone 4.4.7 for 1.12.2 --> Corail Tombstone 4.5.0 for 1.12.2):
		Corail Tombstone 4.5.0 for 1.12.2:
			This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.17.1
			Minecraft Version = [1.12.2] - Forge Version []
			Latest : 4.5.0 - Recommended : 4.4.7
			Changes 4.5.0
			* config perkProgressionScale to define how you can upgrade a perk to higher level based on your current level in Knowledge of Death (default is a step of 2, old way is 1)
			-> some perks got their cost reduced with this change, or their max level
			* adapt perk Voodoo Poppet to be a bonus on the chance to trigger
			* commands can always be used in singleplayer (integrated server)
			* config pvp_unlock_grave (to allow the grave to be unlocked when a player is killed by another player) & remove config player_grave_access
			* config nerfGhostlyShape is splitted in 4 configs (all defaulted to true)
			* new perk Concentration and chance to interrupt while casting
			* remove perk 'tomb_raider' (and related configs)
			* config to disable shadow step for 10 seconds when opening chests
			* cache discretion modifiers
			* additional details in integration TOP/Waila
			* add some missing scrolls
			* adapt cooldown display
			* new bad effect 'bait'

	Mystical World (mysticalworld-1.12.2-1.9.8.jar --> mysticalworld-1.12.2-1.11.0.jar):
			* Fix nullability crash issues where the player might be accessed while the Minecraft instance isn't null but the player hasn't been created.
			* Iron dust and gold dust are now properly registered in the ore dictionary if they are enabled.

			* Required updates for Roots 3.1.0

	MysticalLib (mysticallib-1.12.2-1.10.0.jar --> mysticallib-1.12.2-1.13.0.jar):
			* Add configuration for blacklist for area-tools (for Roots).

			* Provided better nullability support for client players. Should prevent crashes trying to access a player where the Minecraft instance isn't null, but the player hasn't been set yet.

			* Required changes for Roots 3.1.0

	Prefab (prefab- --> prefab-
			Forge version 1.12.2 - is recommended for this mod.
			Release -
			1. Fixed an issue where the bulldozer could not be enchanted in the anvil with triple compressed stone.

	Simple Storage Network (SimpleStorageNetwork-1.12.2-1.8.1.jar --> SimpleStorageNetwork-1.12.2-1.8.2.jar):
			Performance increase: ItemStacks are no longer repeatedly copied while doing sorting/imports/exports, reducing RAM use/CPU load. (thanks to everyone on discord for helping test this)

	Unique Enchantments (Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-2.1.1 --> Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-2.1.3):
		Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-2.1.3:
			Small Maintance/Balance Patch.
			Version 2.1.3:
			* Changed: Momentum now properly applies Mining Speed bonus. Formula fixed.
			* Changed: [1.14+]Ecological now uses BlockTags
			* Changed: Cloudwalker now scales with the Levitation Potion Effect. Remains same without the Potion Effect
			* Changed: [1.14+]Nature's Grace now uses BlockTags
			* Changed: Vitae now grants bonus in percent, and now scales better with Death's Odium and other Mods
			* Fixed: Pestilence's Odium, Mob now properly drop loot
			* Added: Now uses MathCache for better performance.

		Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-
			* Fixed: LootingLevel Crash.

		Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-2.1.2:
			This patch has been the rebalancing patch of almost every single enchantment and patches for the issues.
			Version 2.1.2:
			* Fixed: Deaths Odium cookie now actually kills you with void damage instead of removing the player out of the world. (Softlock)
			* Added: Deaths Odium cookie now restores all your health.
			* Changed: Endest reap was rebalanced to give different amount of reap per mob. (Ender Dragon => 8, Wither = 3, Shulker => 1, Ravager => 2, Eveoker => 1, Elder Guardian => 5)
			* Changed: Ender Mending was rebalanced to now use a better distribution logic, and if the internal buffer is full enough it will now repair all damaged items in your inventory with mending like enchantments (configurable)
			* Fixed: Mod Exporter was bugged to cause Midias Blessing & Ifirits Grace could not work in 1.16
			* Fixed: Perpetual Strike was crashing with mobs that had no attack speed.
			* Changed: Small changes for Cloud walker and Swift Blade
			* Added: Configuration for Enchantments that Grimoire should ignore and reduced the minimum level that is required to trigger its effect to about lvl 50
			* Fixed: Pestilence odium causes now drops again.
			* Changed: Rebalanced Momentum from Scratch to be much faster. (Note right now insta-mining is not possible because of missing speed synchronization will be addressed next patch)
			* Changed: FastFood now gives double the food then before and 4x if the animal is burning.
			* Fixed: Natures Grace didn't detect flowers
			* Added: Crossbow support to various enchantments

		Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-
			Curseforge DataBase fix so UE can be used in Modpacks...
			Curseforge team if you read this: Include Deleted Jars in your Rejection Process.... SERIOUSLY

	Unique Enchantments - Battle (Unique Enchantments Battle-1.12.2- --> Unique Enchantments Battle-1.12.2-1.1.3):
		Unique Enchantments Battle-1.12.2-1.1.3:
			Small Fix/Balance Patch.
			Version 1.1.3:
			* Changed: Ifrit's Blessing can now be equipped on a Hoe

		Unique Enchantments Battle-1.12.2-1.1.2:
			Small Rebalance patch & Crossbow support patch.
			Version 1.1.2:
			* Changed: Reworked Areas fragment to be more mathematical instead of iterative.
			* Added: Crossbow support to various Enchantments.

	Unique Enchantments - Utils (Unique Enchantments Utils-1.12.2-1.4.1 --> Unique Enchantments Utils-1.12.2-1.5.0):
		Unique Enchantments Utils-1.12.2-1.5.0:
			New Large Content Patch.
			Version 1.5.0:
			* Added: New Enchantment 'Adept'. Reduces the penalty for mining in-air and underwater.
			* Added: New Enchantment 'Alchemist's Blessing'. Transmutates Items to other Items or Experience. Requires a Beacon nad consume Redstone
			* Added: New Enchantment 'Anemoi Fragment'. Press the dedicated Hotkey to gain upwards boost, while in-air
			* Added: New Enchantment 'Pegasus Soul'. Press the dedicated Hotkey to make your Horse no longer be affected by gravity
			* Added: New Enchantment 'Reinforced'. Creates a Shield, that ocassionaly restores Durability. Shield restores very slowly over time. Decreases Mining Speed and Attack Speed
			* Added: New Enchantment 'Resonance'. Shift-Rightclick to search for nearby Ores and play a Sound at their location. Having Treasurer's Eyes equipped shows them
			* Added: New Enchantment 'Sage's Soul'. Increases the Items Attributes with higher level. Shift-Rightlick an Anvil to store Experience inside
			* Added: MathCache is now used for better performance.

		Unique Enchantments Utils-1.12.2-1.4.2:
			Small Patch.
			Version 1.4.2:
			* Added: Small message for spamming climber telling that it is restarting the climb.
			* Added: Customization to essence of slime.
			* Changed: Small rebalances

	Unique Enchantments Base (Unique Enchantments Base-1.12.2-1.0.1 --> Unique Enchantments Base-1.12.2-1.1.0):
		Unique Enchantments Base-1.12.2-1.1.0:
			New Feature Update with a lot of new things..
			Version 1.1.0:
			* Changed: Math Caches are now 100k big using roughly 10MB of ram but 5-10x performance on these caclulations.
			* Added: Math Caches are now used in all submods and give a slight performance boost overall.
			* Removed: Enchantment filters that were never used but planned. No longer planned so they got removed.
			* Added: Networking capabilities so if data needs to be transferred between server and client it no longer has to be done through the Held Item. (Fixes Momentum and a couple other enchantments)
			* Changed: Refactored a couple helper function to be more flexible.
			* Added: JEI Support with a new JEI Window that supports a lot more then other JEI Enchantment addons.
			* Changed: Removed Reflection code and exchanged it with Mixins (1.16 only)

		Unique Enchantments Base-1.12.2-1.0.2:
			This patch just adds a couple more utility functions are patches issues that were found.
			Version 1.0.2:
			* Added/Fixed: Even distribution function was broken
			* Added: Helper function for iterating over all items that do have the desired enchantment.
			* Added: Math caches that should optimize some heavily used operations.. (Not used yet will be in the coming patch)

	[ANGRY PIXEL] The Betweenlands (The Betweenlands v3.7.3 --> The Betweenlands v3.8):
		The Betweenlands v3.8:
			'Net fish & Chill' update
			Note: Although there are minor additions to world gen, this should not cause issues with existing worlds.
			New world gen additions can only be found in newly generated chunks.
			* Added the Weedwood Fishing Rod and fishing system
			* Added Anadia, a fish that comes in many shapes and sizes
			* Added Anadia Eyes, Bones, Scales, Fins, Swim Bladders, and Remains items
			* Added Amphibious Armor and Fishing Spear, a new upgradeable armor set and weapon
			* Added Biopathic Linkstone to control Amphibious Armor abilities
			* Added the Silt Glass Jar, Tiny Sludge Worm item, and Fish Bait
			* Added the Tackle Box and Reed Mat to sit back and relax on
			* Added the Fish Trimming Table and Smoking Rack, for all your seafood needs
			* Added the Bubbler Crab, Coracle Greebling, Cave Fish, and Olms
			* Added the Crab Pot for catching Silt and Bubbler Crabs
			* Added the Crab Pot Filter, which can be used to convert a variety of different items
			* Added Filtered Silt and Filtered Silt Glass and Panes, glass with improved visibility
			* Added Jellyfish and Cave Jellyfish
			* Added Glowing Goop, a new light source that can be placed underwater
			* Added Rock Snots, a clam-like hostile mob that grabs and consumes mobs
			* Added Rock Snot Pearls and Pearled Pears for XP on the go
			* Added Freshwater Urchins and Urchin Spikes
			* Added Barnacles, a new underwater food source
			* Added Smoked Foods, a more nourshing way to prepare raw foods
			* Added Underwater Ruins along with Mud Loot Pots, which generate in Deep Waters and Patchy Island biomes
			* Added Betweenstone Pebbles and Smoldering Peat, which now generate in the world
			* Added mossy and cracked variants for Cragrock Bricks, Cragrock Tiles, and Chiseled Cragrock
			* Added a new Stench mechanic and the Fumigant item to counteract it
			* Added Lyestone, which causes your boots to decay blocks under you once stepped on; make sure to wash those booties!
			* Added the Staff of the Mist Walker
			* Added the Staff of the Shadow Walker
			* Added Amate Name Tags
			* Added Olmlettes
			* Added a new music track by Rotch Gwylt
			* Added new ambience for the Deep Waters biome
			* Added 18 new advancements
			* Updated the French, Russian, and Japanese translations of the mod with this release, thanks to TheSilverplier, avale1648, and tentot!
			Gameplay Changes:
			* The Infuser now uses Smoldering Peat underneath instead of fire
			* Volarkites can be boosted by Smoldering Peat
			* Contact with Stagnant Water or having Rotten Fish in your inventory will now cause you to smell really, really bad; Wights, Lurkers, and Greebling Riders hate this smell, so be careful
			* Fallen Leaves can now be layered, similar to snow
			* All Betweenlands leaf types now leave Fallen Leaf piles below them when they decay
			* Betweenstone Pebbles can be ground into a herblore item
			* Bone Wayfinders now require sky exposure to function
			* Bone Wayfinders can now be used on Offering Tables to act as a stationary teleport for multiple players
			* Rebalanced most food items (thanks to SeriousCreeper for the suggestion!)
			* Life Crystals can no longer have any enchanted books applied to them
			* One-hit weapons (Wight's Bane, Critter Cruncher, etc.) can no longer have any enchanted books applied to them
			* Swift Picks can no longer have Unbreaking or Mending applied to them
			* Mud now gives 4 Mud Bricks when smelted instead of 1
			* Cracked Mud Tiles now have a recipe
			* The Farmer advancement tree has been slightly reordered
			* The Mushroom Master advancement has been updated to require Edgeshroom and Rotbulbs
			* Silt Crab Claw has been renamed to Crab Claw
			* Crab Claws can now be used as single-use shears
			* Amate Maps are now able to be named
			* Using a shovel or compost on a plant will now dig or compost the block under it
			* Lanterns can now be attached to climbing rope
			* Dead Grass Blocks can now be obtained by breaking a Swamp Grass block with a Sickle
			* Cragrock Towers now destroy some blocks when crumbling
			* Using a White Pear on a Hanger will now turn it into a Seeded Hanger
			* Amulet Sockets' rarity from Item Scrolls has been slightly increased, and they can now be ground into Loot Scraps
			* Getting shocked while immune now has a visual and slowing effect
			* Lightning Chiromaws are now immune to being shocked normally
			Mob Changes:
			* Anglers Meat has been removed, use Anadia for your sushi instead
			* Blind Cave Fish have been removed and replaced with Olms
			* Tiny Sludge Worms can now spawn when digging holes for farming
			* Mire Snails can now be captured with the Net in addition to the new Olm, Jellyfish, and Cave Fish mobs
			* Infestation swarming now acts like Poison, meaning you won't die from bugs on your screen
			* Shamblers now drop 0-1 tongues instead of 1-4
			* Lurkers and Anglers now only drop their loot when killed by a player
			* Lurkers now hunt mobs like Dragonflies and Anadia less often
			* Silt Crabs now move slightly faster underwater
			* Chiromaw Matriarchs now drop 150 XP instead of 500
			* Peat Mummy Riders will now only throw worms after the mummy has dug out
			* Tame Emberlings now have 90 HP (up from 40), and deal 3 damage (up from 2)
			* Octine Nuggets now heal 10 HP (from 5) when fed to a Tame Emberling
			* Tame Emberlings now heal twice as fast as before (now 1 HP every 30s) while sleeping on an Octine Block
			! Note that the above Emberling buffs are subject to change in future updates when proper equipment is added for them
			Aesthetic Changes:
			* The basic toolsets have had their textures revamped
			* Most food item textures have been updated
			* Weedwood Logs now have some texture variations
			* Mud has new visual variants when under water
			* Lurker Skin Pouches now have unique textures for each upgrade size
			* Improved the Mortar and Pestle animation
			* Chiromaw Hatchlings now have a model in the inventory
			* Swamp Kelp has been retextured and animated
			* Water Weeds are now animated
			* Swamp Grass and Dead Grass blocks have new model variants
			* Spirit Tree Leaf types are now distinguished in the lang file
			* Betweenlands Mob Spawners now use glass sounds instead of stone
			* The Caving Rope item now better matches its in-world appearance
			* Chiromaw Matriarchs can no longer be petrified
			* Fixed some subtitles being wrong
			* Fixed Cragrock Towers leaving ghost blocks while crumbling
			* Fixed Sanctuary Simulacra visually glitching out when reloading a world
			* Fixed a typo in the Hardcore Munchies advancement file name, this may reset the advancement for you

- YUNG's Better Caves (Forge)

Generated using [ChangelogGenerator 2.0.0-pre5](https://github.com/TheRandomLabs/ChangelogGenerator).


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