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ProjectOzone3 modded server update 3.4.10 is complete!


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  • Founder


Server address:  po3.craftersland.net

We got some mods updated and some fixes in this update, details in the change log below.

Please note, if you do update on CurseForge Launcher you will need to change to kappa mode again as it will reset back to normal. If you don't know how to change the pack mode you can use our launcher as it will be already configured. Thanks for support!



  • Updated all configs and scripts, and update files
  • Maintenance completed


Official change log


If you used any Extracells2 items, they may disappear since update 3.4.7

3.4.10 Changelog (Always Backup your world before updating and "/bq_admin default load" after updating)

Updated Mods:

  •  Dimensional Edibles Nomifactory-Edition
  •  Restricted Portals
  •  AE2
  •  AttributeFix
  •  Corail Tombstone
  •  Crafttweaker
  •  Foamfix
  •  Inventory Tweaks
  •  LootTableTweaker
  •  OpenComputers

Fixes All modes:

  •  Fixed Infinity Armor being uncraftable
  •  Overworld apples and cakes should no longer crash you but they will only teleport you back to world spawn
  •  Fixed issue with philosopher's stone, you're not getting it back unless you're in normal mode



  •  Restonia tinkers' weapons don't level up
  •  Some energy storages reset to 0 upon reaching 2.14B (maybe due to transfer rates being too high?)
  •  Crafting certain extended crafting recipes gets wonky so if it doesn't work take 1 item out then replace them
  •  OC spamming some error in the logs in first load of a world
  •  Don't use Aluminum wires at all except for recipes
  •  Mob Swabbing Hydra base (body) crashes the game, the head works fine though


  •  Every pack update the packmode config will reset to normal
  •  Disabled Waiting Time mod (Pong) you may re-enable by removing .disabled from the jar file or unlock the pack profile then click the slider on the right of the mod on curseforge launcher


Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK

Banned Items: HERE!

Daily Reward: HERE!

Donate to support us: HERE!




A New Way Forward


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