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Nomifactory CEu server update to modpack 1.6.1a and WIPE is complete!

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Server address:  nomi.craftersland.net

This was a large update from 1.4.3 to mod pack 1.6.1a, so this also needed a WIPE. We also moved the server to a new machine with Ryzen 9 7000 series and DDR5 for better performance. Wipe was completed and new seeds generated for all worlds. The update to 1.6.1a was difficult to complete because of compatibility issues with Sponge API, we had to do some changes and also use the last Sponge Forge version that was very unstable the first days but we manually patched the crashes in the background and now the server is as stable as it can be. Several issues were also fixed and we should be good to go now.

You can download this update on CursForge and CraftersLand Launcher!

Download the old map here:



  • Moved the server to new upgraded hardware
  • Server full WIPE, new seeds generated for all worlds
  • Fixed some spawn permission issues, firework damage and some shops
  • Updated Sponge Forge API
  • Updated all configs and scripts
  • Updated vote links
  • Lots of mods got updated, some added some removed. Check the change logs below for details.


Official changelog:

1.5 Changes


Warning: All existing tools will be voided upon updating. Unfortunately nothing can be done about this, you will have to make new tools or cheat in new ones.

Breaking changes:
- Update CEu to 2.5.0 (#185)
- Rework of tools, fixing many bugs and rebalancing tool stats
- Balanced several early game circuit-related recipes
- Update GCYM to 1.1.6 (#185)
- Added Liquid Helium requirement for cooling Molten fluids above 5000 K
- Replace DML with Deep Mob Evolution (#180)
- Simulation Chambers and Loot Fabricators are no longer sided

General changes:
- Questbook update, adding processing lines (#184, #185)
- Update CEu to 2.5.0
- PBF and Muffler Hatches automatically break snow layers
- Fix multiblock chanced outputs when using Parallel

Bug fixes:
- Update CEu to 2.5.0
- Fix UHV 16A Energy Converter not working
- Fix issues with GT Miners

1.5.1 changes:



Thanks to @IntegerLimit for the massive help with this patch.


Breaking changes:
- Update CEu to 2.5.2
- Increased durability of AoE tools. Only applies to newly crafted tools
- Fixed issue where Rubber Plates were uncraftable
- Add a JEI page for Fluid Veins
- Add Advanced Fluid and Item Detector covers
- Add laser effects to Assembly Line
- Items in Item Buses are now collapsed automatically
- Update AE2 to 0.55.5
- Added Wireless Crafting, Fluid, Pattern Terminals
- Begin phase-out of AE2 Wireless Crafting Terminal mod. Place ingredients in a Crafting Table to convert
- Replace Inventory Tweaks with Inventory Bogo Sorter
- Allows sorting of GT containers
- Phase out of GT Mana Infused material in favour of default Thermal materials (#233)

General changes:
- Added Terminal with Ore Prospector and World Prospector (equivalent to old Scanner) to starting rewards
- Available in the Quest Book
- Allow Crescent Hammer, Yeta Wrench, Redstone Arsenal Wrenches, GT Wrenches to break Creative-tier blocks on shift-right click (#230)
- Make the UHV Charger craftable, UHV Charger and Battery Buffer use Europium in recipes
- Reduce amount of Lumium in Nano Supercomputer from 4 1x Wires to 4 Fine Wires
- Change Advanced Rocketry upgrade recipes to Crafting Table (To make it work with new GT patch)

Bug fixes:
- Multiple questbook fixes (#226, #232)
- Fixed script error in Hard mode (#207, #210)
- Fixed stats of End Steel tools being too high
- Fixed AR Lens being uncraftable (for use in Orbital Laser Drill)
- Fixed Diamond Sword and Diamond File recipe conflict (#207)
- Fixed Black Quartz and Polished Stone not having Distilled Water recipes
- Fixed non-GT Certus Quartz Dust appearing in loot chests (#54, #236)
- Fixed EnderIO Glass recipes not working (#240)
- Fixed parity of certain Stabilised Micro Miner recipes with their normal counterparts
- Fixed Actually Additions recipe conflict (#229)
- Removed unused Stabilised T9 and T10 microminers
- Removed Voltage Control Units (GCYM) and several unused Thermal items
- (Internal) Cleanup of ZS scripts and manifest.json
- (Internal) Remove an unused qb lang file

1.5.2 changes:



Thanks to TechLord22 for the massive help with the DE patch!

Warning: existing Storage Drawers Conversion Upgrades will be deleted, and removed, upon this update.

Breaking Changes:

  • Update GTCEu to 2.5.4.
  • Fixes problems with launching the pack on servers, due to a compat issue between GTCEu and MBT.
  • Use a patched version of Draconic Evolution.Allows use of GT Draconium and Awakened Draconium in the DE reactor and Energy Core.
  • If players de-activate and then reactivate their old Energy Core twice, the Draconic Evolution blocks will turn into their GT counterparts. Furthermore, DE Awakened Draconium put into the DE Reactor automatically transforms into GT Awakened Draconium.
  • Adds a 'Destruct Core' button to the Energy Core.
  • Begin phase out of Activated Draconium and Activated Awakened Draconium blocks.
  • Remove Storage Drawers Ore Dictionary Conversion.
  • Fixes a problem with AE2 taking duplicate items out of storage drawers

General Changes:

Mod Updates:

  • Update GTCEu from v2.5.3 to v2.5.4
  • Update Little Tiles from v1.5.57 to v1.5.68
  • Update CraftTweaker2 from v4.1.20.683 to v4.1.20.684
  • Update HEI from v4.23.0 to v4.24.2
  • Update PackagedAuto from v1.0.5.19 to v1.0.6.27
  • Update PackagedExCrafting from v1.0.2.3 to v1.0.2.7
  • Update ULV covers from v0.2.2 to v2.5.0
  • Update AE2 UEL from v0.55.5 to v0.55.10, fixes many bugs

Mod Additions:

  • Adds Project Intelligence, to get rid of annoying DE errors


  • Fix with Blocking Mode and Advanced Inscribers
  • Change JEI default search options slightly to help people searching for specific GT items, like circuits

Balancing Changes:

Both Versions:

  • Buffed Grains of Infinity in T4 mission from 16 -> 32


  • Removed Phosphorous EBF recipes, and replaced with normal centrifuge & electrolyser recipes, to stop excess consumption of Coke
  • Added 2 stacks of Pollucite Ore into T5 Snowchestite Mission

Quest Book Changes:

Both Versions:

  • Update QB with new changes
  • Add information about Auto Chisel
  • Mention little known Building Gadgets feature
  • Fixed inconsistencies between the Micro Miner recipes, and the qb descriptions
  • Update Automating Assembly Lines Quest, now recommends Extended Processing Pattern Terminal / Pattern Terminal instead of PAuto
  • State fastest way to make Singularities (Aqueous Accumulator + Fluid Lasers) in AE2 Everywhere quest
  • Change mentions of Microminer to Micro Miner
  • Rearrange Matter Energy Chapter
  • Rearrange Late Game Chapter


  • Fixed Infinity Ingot quest not accepting Avaritia Infinity Ingots
  • Adds a quest for the Tier Eight and a Half Micro Miner
  • Several Updates to HM Nuclear QB chain, from the NM qb

Internal Changes:

  • Depreciate custom GT tool ore dictionaries
  • Use a Bansoukou patch for GTCEu to fix the incompatibility issue between latest GTCEu and ULV covers
  • Remove mentions of T9 & T10 Stabilized Microminers in lang

1.6 changes:



Warning: All Storage Drawers Tape will be deleted upon this update. Now, all broken drawers will not drop items, but drop a taped drawer.

Warning: Wiremill recipes will break upon this update. All Wiremill recipes now require a Programmed Circuit.

Breaking Changes:

  • Update GTCEu to 2.6
  • All Wiremill recipes now require a circuit, but, you can make any thickness of wire
  • Ghost Circuits have been added. This means that you can set a machine's circuit without consuming the circuit, through the circuit slot
  • More Rubber and Treated Wood Items, such as doors, boats and fences
  • Bender Recipe has been changed, to no longer require a wrench
  • New Coloured Lamps
  • New Super/Quantum Tanks/Chests display, which shows the item/fluid contained within, as well as the amount
  • Incompatibility between ULV Covers and GTCEu has been fixed, thus, the Small Storage Cover has been added back
  • Make Drawers drop taped drawers on break, instead of dropping items
  • This is why all Storage Drawers Tape will be deleted following this update.
  • Addition of GregTech Drawers
  • Adds Rubber and Treated Wood Drawers
  • Addition of Tool Belt
  • Addition of Nature's Compass
  • Addition of Better P2P

General Changes:

Mod Updates:

  • Update GTCEu from v2.5.4 to 2.6
  • Update Inventory Bogo Sorter from v1.2.2.-hotfix to v1.2.6
  • Update ModularUI from v1.0.6 to v2.0.3
  • Update GCYM from v1.2.0 to v1.2.1
  • Update AE2 UEL from v0.55.10 to v0.55.12
  • Update MixinBooster from v4.2 to v7.1
  • Update HEI from v4.42.2 to v4.42.5
  • Update PAuto from v1.0.6.27 to v1.0.8.31
  • Update PackagedExCrafting from v1.0.2.7 to v1.0.2.10
  • Update CraftTweaker2 from v4.1.20.684 to v4.1.20.687

Mod Additions:

  • Addition of GregTech Drawers
  • Addition of Tool Belt
  • Addition of Nature's Compass
  • Addition of Better P2P

Mod Replacements:

  • Replace Phosphor with Hesperus


  • Changed Main Menu Screenshots
  • Changed Main Menu Title
  • Added Custom Logo for application (only affects Windows)
  • Changed some P2P names and added some tooltips, to make usage of P2Ps clearer
  • Backups, by default, now happen every 30 minutes

Balancing Changes:

Both Versions:

  • Add some Alloy Smelter Recipes to ABS
  • Rebalance EIO Alloys, adding recipes using dusts
  • Added recipe between cow soul vial and cow spawn egg, to allow automation of milk pre-tank


  • Changed unlocking of Rotary Hearth Furnace and Bulk Blast Chiller from UHV to ZPM
  • Balanced PBF recipes, adding recipes with iron and blocks
  • Rebalance Red Alloy in ABS

Bug Fixes

Both Versions:

  • Fixed Breaking Assembly Line crashed game
  • Fixed Firework Rocket recipes
  • Fixed Blitz and Basalz dropping Niter and Pulverised Obsidian respecively. Also added conversion recipes to their GT counterparts
  • Fixed Nitrogen Black Steel recipe
  • Fixed https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/282.
  • Fixed some buzzsaw blades not having lathe recipes
  • Added back fluid form of Ruridit


  • Fixed PBF recipes


  • Fixed some Chemical Reactor recipes not being able to be run in LCRs
  • Fix https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/241
  • Fixed stabilized t5 micro miner giving Lepidolite instead of Pollucite
  • Quest Book Changes:

Both Versions:

  • Changed EIO Alloy icons to their GT counterparts
  • Rework of Nuclear Fission questline
  • Fixed https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/286
  • Enlarged GCYM quest
  • Made Sodium Persulfate quest clearer
  • Completely re-arrange Early Game chapter
  • Added quests for Inventory Sorting, Tool Belt, P2P and Nature's Compass
  • Other small quest book fixes, such as missing prerequisites


  • Updated with some changes from NM's quest book
  • Cleaned up Genesis chapter

Internal Changes:

  • Removed Bansoukou patch of GregTech
  • Moved NM's PBF recipe removals to removeAll

Easter Eggs:

Well, I'm not going to tell you the Easter Egg. What did you expect? Fine, here's a clue: Neeve.

1.6.1a changes:



Release 1.6.1

A (finally) stable release fixing many major and minor bugs, cleaning up the quest book, and adding some quality of life features.

Looks way better here.

Important Note:

This release fixes a RCE, or Remote Control Execute, bug in servers and singleplayer worlds. This bug allows programs and commands to be executed by clients joining the server. For more information, go to this GitHub page.

Therefore, it is critical that you update to this release, which is very stable.


Breaking Changes:

  • Update Storage Drawers to 5.5.0
    • Many Improvements With Framing Table, such as:
      • Fixes Framing Table voiding contents in drawers
      • Framing Table no longer consumes blocks used for decoration
    • Fixes TOP sometimes displaying wrong info for drawers
    • Fixes two dupe bugs related to Drawer Upgrades
  • Add Neeve's AE2 Extended Life Additions
    • Adds a Pattern Multi Tool, useful for transforming contents in patterns, such as multiplying the input and output by 16x, when you are upgrading or changing to GCYM Multis!
    • Check out the quest, located in the Matter Energy section of the quest book, for details on what it can do, and how to use it!
  • New Main Menu Screenshots
    • The final main menu screenshots, from the competition, have been added!


  • Hand Framing Tool no longer requires sticks to turn wood-type drawers into framed drawers
  • Rebalance Expert Mode Snowchestite Line:
    • Stopped lots of caesium being lost
  • Cleared up README on how to change from Normal Mode to Expert Mode
  • Allow getting Primer on Power without RF Power in Expert Mode Quest Book
  • Add ABS recipes for Alloys, such as Pulsating Iron, Invar, Bronze, etc.
  • Improved default server.properties, now includes version, and logo of nomi-ceu
  • Added default Island Cake Configs
  • Minor improvements to two extended crafting recipes

Bug Fixes:

  • Many Fixes with GregTech, such as:
    • Robot Arm Supply/Keep Exact not working
    • Crash when placing EIO Conduit next to Maintenance Hatch
    • Machine Recipes and/or Animations not working
    • Lost alloys
    • PAs not working in Cleanrooms
    • Black Steel recipe not working (again)
    • Packagers not working with NC Clumps
    • Missing Recipes for Normal Mode PBF and Expert Mode Coke Oven
    • Script Errors
    • Iron/Steel Dupe
    • Fixes ABS recipes
  • Fixes with AE2 UEL:
    • Fixes Crashes and Dupes with Wireless & Non-Wireless Terminals
  • Fixes RCE Vulnerability
  • Fixes many Quest Book bugs
  • Removes many mention of coins in Expert Mode tooltips and quest book
  • Fixes Rubber and Treated Wood Trims becoming Framed Drawers when framed with Hand Framing Tool

General Changes:

New Mods:

• Mouse Tweaks Unofficial
• Neeve's AE2: Extended Life Additions
• No Nether Portals
• SerializationIsBad

Updated Mods:

• AE2 Unofficial Extended Life
• BdLib
• CensoredASM
• Controlling
• CraftTweaker
• CreativeCore
• Ender IO
• Ender IO Endergy
• EnderCore
• Extended Crafting: Nomifactory Edition
• GregTech CE Unofficial
• Gregicality Multiblocks
• Gregtech Drawers
• Had Enough Items
• Inventory Bogo Sorter
• JEI Utilities
• LittleTiles
• MixinBooter
• ModularUI
• Storage Drawers
• ULV Covers

Removed Mods:

• Mouse Tweaks


• Release 1.6.1a - IntegerLimit (27 Aug 2023)
• Release 1.6.1 - IntegerLimit (27 Aug 2023)
• Final Main Menu Screenshots for 1.6.1 - IntegerLimit (27 Aug 2023)
• Remove Mention of Coins in Drill Core Tooltip [HM] - IntegerLimit (27 Aug 2023)
• Update endercore.cfg - IntegerLimit (27 Aug 2023)
• Delete mods/memory_repo dir - IntegerLimit (27 Aug 2023)
• Clean up From Ingots to Wires quest [QB HM] - IntegerLimit (26 Aug 2023)
• Fix up From Dusts To Wires Quest [QB HM] - IntegerLimit (26 Aug 2023)
• Remove mention of Coins in Hang Glider Quest [QB HM] - IntegerLimit (25 Aug 2023)
• Make decoration blocks not consumed in Framing Table - IntegerLimit (15 Aug 2023)
• Fix server info still appearing as beta-2 - IntegerLimit (30 Jul 2023)
• Rewrite Central Monitor (833), add Auto-Building (1028) (#402) - Neeve (25 Jul 2023)
• 1.6.1-beta-4 [BETA RELEASE] - IntegerLimit (24 Jul 2023)
• Update StorageDrawers from v5.4.2 to v5.5.0 - IntegerLimit (24 Jul 2023)
• Temp Fix https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/391 - IntegerLimit (24 Jul 2023)
• Remove Mixer Recipes for Nq+ and Nq* in HM - IntegerLimit (24 Jul 2023)
• Fix https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/393 [QB, NM&HM] - IntegerLimit (23 Jul 2023)
• Fix https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/395 [QB HM] - IntegerLimit (23 Jul 2023)
• Fix https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/390 - IntegerLimit (23 Jul 2023)
• Fix https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/399 - IntegerLimit (23 Jul 2023)
• Cleanup Fluid Transport Quest [QB, NM&HM] - IntegerLimit (23 Jul 2023)
• Add NAE2 and Pattern Mult-Tool quest, update MixinBooter to 8.3 (#401) - Neeve (23 Jul 2023)
• Better Chinese translation (#387) - mczph (04 Jul 2023)
• Revamp Hand Framing Tool's JEI Description - IntegerLimit (28 Jun 2023)
• Fix Duplicate Lines in Hot Titanium Quest [HM QB] - IntegerLimit (28 Jun 2023)
• Fix small issues with AE2 Everywhere quest [NM&HM QB] - IntegerLimit (18 Jun 2023)
• Remove Stick Requirement for Hand Framing Tool - IntegerLimit (18 Jun 2023)
• Vending -> Chest, Tank -> Stabilized Micro Miners [HM QB] - IntegerLimit (18 Jun 2023)
• Enable Island Cakes by default + tooltip + README - IntegerLimit (17 Jun 2023)
• Remove default island cake recipe - IntegerLimit (17 Jun 2023)
• Added Island Cake configs (#372) - Caedis (17 Jun 2023)
• Extended crafting recipe tweaks (#374) - BlakeTech (17 Jun 2023)
• 1.6.1-beta-3a [BETA-RELEASE, AGAIN] - IntegerLimit (06 Jun 2023)
• Update NNP to 1.1.0 and add translation keys (#378) - Neeve (06 Jun 2023)
• 1.6.1-beta-3 [BETA-RELEASE] - IntegerLimit (05 Jun 2023)
• Add bansoukou patch for https://github.com/GregTechCEu/GregTech/commit/431fba1d251b441330d20acd77d4eab3949157a5 - IntegerLimit (05 Jun 2023)
• Allow for getting Primer on Power without RF power [HM] - IntegerLimit (25 May 2023)
• Add missing prerequisites to 2 quests, fixes https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/368 - IntegerLimit (25 May 2023)
• Fix pulsating iron ABS recipe - IntegerLimit (23 May 2023)
• Server.properties default motd to include version & mode - IntegerLimit (20 May 2023)
• Add some missing HM material lang entries to zh_cn.lang (#354) - rdfchen1207 (19 May 2023)
• 1.6.1-beta-2 [BETA RELEASE] - IntegerLimit (19 May 2023)
• Make CR Rocket Fuel recipe (HM) LCR only - IntegerLimit (19 May 2023)
• Improve/Fix Material Tree Tab and RHF/BBC Quest - IntegerLimit (19 May 2023)
• Make ULV hulls use red-alloy cables - IntegerLimit (13 May 2023)
• Update Bogosort from v1.2.6 to v1.2.7 - IntegerLimit (13 May 2023)
• Nothing to see here - IntegerLimit (13 May 2023)
• Revert "Fix BlastFurnace.zs NPE" - IntegerLimit (13 May 2023)
• Clearup Expert Mode transfer README - IntegerLimit (12 May 2023)
• Change Snowchestite's byproduct from chalcopyrite to caesium - IntegerLimit (23 Apr 2023)
• Fix recycling recipes of certain changed GT Items - IntegerLimit (23 Apr 2023)
• Slight refactor of HM's Primitive Steelworks Quest - IntegerLimit (23 Apr 2023)
• Slightly improve First Micro Miner Quest Line - IntegerLimit (22 Apr 2023)
• QB Fixes [NM & HM] - IntegerLimit (22 Apr 2023)
• Fix GT Trims became Framed Drawer when framed - IntegerLimit (19 Apr 2023)
• 1.6.1-beta-1 [Beta Release] - IntegerLimit (17 Apr 2023)
• Fix https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/332 - IntegerLimit (17 Apr 2023)
• Fix Black Steel! - IntegerLimit (17 Apr 2023)
• Fix https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/313 - IntegerLimit (16 Apr 2023)
• Fix https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/327 - IntegerLimit (16 Apr 2023)
• Many QB Issues [NM & HM], + quest for EIO Spawner - IntegerLimit (16 Apr 2023)
• Fix Issue https://github.com/Nomi-CEu/nomi-ceu/issues/330 - IntegerLimit (16 Apr 2023)
• Rotate HM's Early Game - IntegerLimit (16 Apr 2023)
• Fix Recipe Conflict - IntegerLimit (14 Apr 2023)
• Fix BlastFurnace.zs NPE - IntegerLimit (14 Apr 2023)
• Change Remaining calls to old circuit constructor to .circuit() - *IntegerLimit (13 Apr 2023)

  • 72fbe09: Update Files - IntegerLimit (Sep 19, 2023)





The deep tech pack!


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