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[Tutorial] Mytown2 Help With Perms (Ftb 1.7)


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So, there is a bit of an issue with some MinefactoryReloaded items in FTB 1.7, such as the planter, harvester, sewer, and auto-spawner. This is because of they act like players, and if you have modifyBlocks set to false, then they won't be able to interact with anything, and they will just turn into an item.

The perm modifyBlocks allows players to break blocks in your town, and it is dangerous to have it on, as it allows griefing.

Here is how you can fix this issue.

First, enter this command:

/town perm town set modifyBlocks true

This will allow you to place your block without it breaking. It also allows it to work.

Next, place down the block, harvester, planter, whatever. Make sure it is facing the correct way.

Now, enter this command:

/town perm town whitelist add modifyBlocks

You will receive a wooden hoe with some text on it. This is your selector tool, and you right click with it on the block that you want to be exempt from the modifyBlocks rules.

Now your block is able to be used without breaking when you return the modifyBlocks rule back to false.

Enter this command next:

/town perm town set modifyBlocks false

Now your machine will work, and nobody can break your stuff!



There is also another method. You make sure modifyBlocks is set to false, and you place a block of dirt where you want your machine. Then you enter the whitelist command, and hit the dirt with the selector hoe. Next, break the dirt and place your machine. Now it wont break and become an item, and it will work.



There is an issue with BC pumps. It will cause a crash if you try to use it in your town without changing a perm. Use this command to fix this:

/town perm town set pumps true
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