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  1. Can I get off mod queue?

    Wasnt i the one who put uou on mod que?
  2. Block Logging Plugin?

    We have been trying to get it back @brunyman will not readd it
  3. Signs for Global Market Merchant

    market merchant was an old plugin we used that we dont have anymore, why its still in the donor shop you'd have to ask @brunyman
  4. Chests disappeared with high Value in claimed area

    topic locked, if you have any problems please eitehr contact a IE staff member on DCord, me or make a new post
  5. Chests disappeared with high Value in claimed area

    logging on to do refunds now
  6. Why is this allowed?

    is the new rules for modded servers
  7. Why is this allowed?

    i went ahead and moved this post to the correct zone, unfortunately there is nothing we can do because PVP is allowed and stealing is only considered towards stealing from something that is protected and or claimed as in land or blocks, not the actual person. by the server saying that it is a PVP server, it is assumed that the player understands the risks and rewards of going into a zone where they could be killed and looted. as for the rules, all rules on all the modded servers are actually the same now, just @brunyman has not added it to the forums for each server. the only way you could be refunded is if the other player cheated in some way which it does not look like he has. you're luck is just unfortunate. sorry for any inconvenience you may have experinced
  8. Unban

    make a new post with correct template please t/c
  9. WorldAutomation Server Closed

    ok i guess just transfer it to tekkit IGN faves for now
  10. WorldAutomation Server Closed

    i already have rank on DW20. i bought sponsor twice. i dont know where else i would take sponsor? i dont like skyfactory or IE maybe tekkit i guess but the playerbase there is iffy
  11. [Complaint] (LarryNewman)

    who was the higher ranking staff?
  12. WorldAutomation Server Closed

    i play on one server, why would i want my rank xfered to a server that i never plan on playing on? answer was not answered
  13. WorldAutomation Server Closed

    5 players is not enough to keep a server open, cost wise, aslo what about my question about rank
  14. WorldAutomation Server Closed

    i personally beleive we need to STOP with personal servers and comunity servers and keep it to packs that will actually have players wanting to play it long term, also what if we have a Rank on the server and now where for it to be xfered to?