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  1. *BUMP* @brunyman
  2. *BUMP* @brunyman
  3. *BUMP* @brunyman
  5. To add special things to any mini game RpgItems
  6. Shingeki no kyogin :v
  7. Title: [Rank Changing Request] Main Account Name: SrJulen Rank: Premium ACV1 Second Account Name: (julenciod5) Rank: (Vip) Reason for Request:Vip of acv1 + premium acv1= 20$ = Network premium Rank
  8. Can @brunyman or @Powerwarp See this?
  9. Can @brunyman or @Powerwarp See this?
  10. @REBEJohnny You need to give staff some proof and IGN (In Game Nickname) Then just wait for brunyman. (◕‿-)
  11. Wait some technical support staff to solve the problem.
  12. Wait brunyman or powerwarp to see this. They are going to solve it.