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  1. I cant find my town!

    Probably if you provide a period of time that is more likely that you were in your house bruny could look into the backups files and get the location at that time. Example: 01-01-2017 [22:00-23:00] GMT -4
  2. Question about a rule

    But it seems to me that the rule refers to information about the player. This restricts the use of CC a lot. Can I warn to the player before the use of my store so they can agree to add his name to my economy? So they have to press a button or something before using it. I really would appreciate it if you could. It would not hurt anyone.
  3. Question about a rule

    I have a question about a rule: [6] No Using ComputerCraft for the following below: (...) 6. Profile or database players of any rank for any reason. What does that rule means? Can I make a list of players with the balance of a virtual currency of my own? I think I would not be infringing because I would not be storing information about the player. Just information from my store but I'm asking because I'm not sure. I hope that I can do this because I have my store almost ready and would be awful have to delete it
  4. Add In Friendly Mob Spawners

    Mob essense isnt required. (You need less power if you use mob essence)
  5. A couple of suggetions

    A http request to localhost.
  6. Tekkit Server - Time for a full WIPE? Vote!

    How many votes do we need for the wipe?
  7. A couple of suggetions

    1. Pay to offline players. 2. Create codes of money with "/api generate (amount)" that can be redeemed with computercraft. 3. Generate token that can be used to pay another player with computercraft even if the player that create the token is offline (The token is disabled by default). I fix a few things: ZIP: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1N-4eq-GZViMTFoa3BLS3loR3M JAR: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1N-4eq-GZVicEZJTzlZQVZud3M
  8. Tekkit Server - Time for a full WIPE? Vote!

    You should fix the duping bugs first, like the one with the drums and the fluid transporter or the one with the hopper and computercraft. The creative items must be more restrictive because any creative player can give items to normal player with a lot of ways. You should improve that too. (Example: project bench) I think that the crates have so much end game items. They should be balanced before the wipe. I would be very grateful if you implement my other suggestions too.(http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/21056-a-couple-of-suggetions/)
  9. A couple of suggetions

    Thanks for listening to my suggestion I made the plugin myself but I'm actually a bit rusty. I already tried most things and they work fine but it definitely need a good fix before activating it. Sorry if you dont understand all. I dont speak english very well.
  10. A couple of suggetions

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1N-4eq-GZViMXJ4aGtlcm01Mlk Ignore the audio please I already make a very basic plugin that do what I suggested.
  11. A couple of suggetions

  12. [Rollback Request] GravityCube

    Apparently I fix it, it was a nether portal in the spawn of mars
  13. [Rollback Request] GravityCube

    This is still happening although I am not sure why
  14. A couple of suggetions