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  1. Good idea but it cant be done for the version of the server. Mytown2 need 1.7.x or a newer version.
  2. Thanks! Did you fix the crash error? (To know if I can go to Mars without crashing the server)
  3. I'm not that good translating so I going to write it on my language 1. I would like to make my own market on the server but I can't find the way to connect computercraft with the server currency. So I suggest a new "Mod" like an API to connect computercraft to the server through web request and tokens. Example: Get token: /api get token Get amount of money (According to the token):"get"&token="randompass" Pay to a player (From player who generated the token to the PlayerExample):"PlayerExample"&method="pay"&amount=100&token="randompass" 2. Disable the teleport to the spawn when someones enters to a town. It can be replaced by just teleporting outside the town. Original version: [spoiler]1. Estaba pensando en hacer una tienda en el servidor pero no encuentro la forma de conectar computercraft a la moneda del servidor. Quisiera que agregaran una API web para poder usar computercraft junto con la economía del server algo simple con tokens que se obtengan con un comando. Ejemplo: Obtener token: /api get token Obtener dinero del jugador:"get"&token="randompass" Pagar a jugador:"PlayerExample"&method="pay"&amount=100&token="randompass" 2. Desactivar la teletransportación al spawn cuando entras a una "town". Es demasiado molesto.[/spoiler]
  4. The server keep crashing when I enter to a town with permissions of "no enter" in mars.
  5. Account Name: GravityCube Town name: / Character name : Galaxy0 Coordinates: +1036 +4602 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 2 hours ago (14:00 GMT -04 20/June/2017) Description of Issue: I was moving my me drives to a new location in mars and the server crash because some weird teleport when I enter to a "No enter" town and i get teleporter to the spawn. If I do the same again the server will crash *Screenshots: Crash: Rollback:
  6. I apologize for not being able to explain how to do it, I thought you understood and I waited for you to give me an answer but Nukelar ban me before that happened. On the other hand, I always reported bugs when I found them, I did not think this was a game error, I thought I could just use the chest as a storage fluid.
  7. I explain to Ohanno, is very simple, just a import fluid bus and a chest connected to a storage bus
  8. 1] In-Game Username: GravityCube [2] Details of Situation: Yesterday I use a chest like an Fluid storage cell with a storage bus and then I sell the fluid on the market. [3] Ban Category: I get banned for the Rule #2 and #4 [4] Ban Duration: 2 days [5] Staff Member: @Nukelar [6] ScreenShots: I cant take screenshots now [7] Your Reason: I'm not doing anything against the rules, the items was obtained genuinely and I would not classify the method of obtaining items as an exploit because i just move my fluid from a cell to a chest.
  9. Nothing
  10. Yes, I even lost some items
  11. I do not know how to write in English very well so I had to make a video, apologies for the quality