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  1. Moved to skyfactory technical support. For a rollback, edit your post using this template:
  2. Moved to Skyfactory Suggestions
  3. Moved to Network complaints.
  4. Moved to Network complaints
  5. Solved, Topic Closed.
  6. Topic closed.
  7. Items refunded, topic closed.
  8. I'm not qualified to comment on how bad All Eyez On Me was, as I never saw it, but if it's worse than Suicide Squad, that's a fairly impressive achievement.
  9. Moved to Skyfactory Technical support.
  10. report

    Moved to Network Complaints
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  12. Moved to Network complaints section.
  13. What server is this for?
  14. Pineapple belong on pizza. While on that topic, raisin oatmeal cookies are the best. If you can't tell the difference between chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, you need your eyesight checked.
  15. Please don't have the red. People will mistake you for a staff. Red nicknames are fine, red (S) tags are not.
  16. Moved to DW20 technical support. Please edit your post to follow this template, so that we can better help you:
  17. Which Server is this for?
  18. Your pizza will not hold up to my dinosaur steak. I am craving dinosaur steak, but the closest thing I've got is chicken nuggets.
  19. Problem solved, topic closed.
  20. You have sniped the honor of 100,000 posts. I award you +10 internet points, able to redeemed at your local Internet Trading Post for a variety of useful and amazing items.
  21. Moved to Skyfactory Technical Support.
  22. Moved to DW20 technical support
  23. Which server is this for? You put this in DW20, are you sure you didn't mean Infinity Evolved?
  24. Please do not use special text. You do not need to write in giant, bold, colored letters. None at all. The default font, size, and color is fine, and recommended. Special fonts and colors are for emphasis only, they DO NOT look good in excess, nor do they look good when it's a rainbow pile of messy fonts and styles. They only annoy people, and make it less likely that you will receive help for your issue. Regarding your original question, if you want to change your name, you don't need yo make a new account. You only have to change your name in forums, and make a rank transfer request in the proper section to get your in game rank transferred to your new in game name.
  25. Spoke to player in PM. Player unbanned.