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  1. Your Name: DarkTemplerTown Name: City_of_BonesCoordinates: not sure this is on behalf of DarkTime/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Friday 7th 1pmDescription of Issue: ae2 issuesScreenshots (Optional):
  2. Just been informed that ManYouForgot removed the town since the guy never logged on, make sure when you next log of to claim your base so this stuff wont happen again. T/C
  3. Spoke with a few other staff members and since you didn't claim your base there is nothing we can do, there is no rule against claiming an unclaimed base to make it your own, I can only suggest that you move all the items you can out of that base and make a town somewhere else. Any questions message me on discord. Sorry for the inconvenience. T/C
  4. Items refunded to player ingame T/C
  5. Ill sort this out after restart, quickly need to restart my pc being kinda slow rn.
  6. The rule is that if you spawn something in then use that said item and sell the items you mine or what ever from it, the items come creatively influenced. which then means you are breaking a rule.
  7. Player got punished accordingly. T/C
  8. It really depends on what dim is being created/loaded some dims cause stupid amounts of lag but alot cause hardly any.
  9. FYI If you want the proof of what i have seen then please msg me on discord i would love to show you.
  10. item placed inside players inventory T/C
  11. Items refunded to players inventory. T/C
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