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  1. item placed inside players inventory T/C
  2. Items refunded to players inventory. T/C
  3. Item was found in a inv from the same town T/C
  4. items placed in players inventory. T/C
  5. Items placed in players Inventory T/C
  6. Bruny seems to have fixed this issue T/C
  7. Items Refunded to players inventory. The grass blocks appear when the ender quarry mines the block instead of removing the block so that is why the grass/dirt appears. T/C
  8. Henk posted an img awhile ago on a way that may fix this issue
  9. it could be possible that the security terminal is causing issues
  10. is the area chunk loaded?
  11. Your Name: IcewackTown Name: BeastCoordinates: -1334 269Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 3/04/2019 11pm gmtDescription of Issue: town got set back after server crashScreenshots (Optional): Wrong base was rolled back my town wasnt touched
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