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  1. Well the main problem is all the mobs named like " warded, Venomus". etc. that realy spams the chat and its so anyoing to play then
  2. And what about the thaumcraft "boss mobs "?
  3. See , thats the smallest prob cause Halloween will pass but thaumcraft spawns all those warded mobs , etc thats why we need it disabled
  4. Hi , i as a normal player have a mob farm , and i cant run it because of a mob spam that chat makes so , i looked up and found a solution to it , there is a config file witch changes that https://forums.ftbwiki.org/topic/2480-too-many-mob-death-messages/ that shows what file it is , im not sure in witch line it is but it would be realy usefull to turn mob death notifications off
  5. Time is now ,The time is now for people to believe in them selves, The time is now that its Okay to be GREAT

  6. it cant only if we have lots more requests and if bruny wouldnt be buisy
  7. Those who don't fight for they'r freedom, DON'T DESERVE IT

  8. Royal plot command is for 1 chunk the chunk u are in its used to make different settings if u have multiple chunks in your town
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