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Craftersland 4 Years Anniversary!


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Hello dear crafters,

  This month we celebrate 4 years since CraftersLand first server was opened and this community started walking into the unknown. Thanks to all of you we are here today and hopefully we will be here for a long time from now.


Our first server was opened in mid August 2011 and it was a survival server with block protection system. We still have an old video from the very beginning with our first ever spawn and server:

Please excuse us for the video pour quality, we did not had the hardware and the experience back then for a better quality.

This server was hosted on my personal computer (for more then 1 year) as we did not had funds to go on hosting also this was a good way to learn a lot of stuff. After we expanded with more servers we hosted the servers on VPS and later on on Dedicated Servers.

Minecraft back then was in the Beta version so a lot of things changed into the game, and more to come.


Future plans are maintain current servers, improve them with updates and start coding our own minecraft games.


For now enjoy the fireworks shows on our Network Lobby and 20% Discount on our Donation Shop with voucher code:  4Years





Any donation is a great gift to allow us grow and maintain the community. Thank You.

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