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[Tutorial] How To Install Technic Launcher For Tekkit


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Hello. In this tutorial im going to show you how to install the non-premium and the premium Technic Launcher, for downloading and installing the Tekkit modpack.


  1) Download the Technic Launcher in this link: http://www.technicpack.net/download.

Select the version compatible with your OS.

  2) Installation:


A) When the download finishes, open it.

B) Select the verion of the launcher. I recommend the standart one, wich i would install.

C) It will start the download. It may take a few minutes.

D) Login to the launcher with your premium account.

E) Click on "modpacks" section, and selesct Tekkit. Hit install "Play" one. Hit it. It will start automatically.


Use more memory for the modpack, you can change this in the Launcher Options/Java Settings

There you can change the memory usage. With 1GB it opens, but 1.5GB is better. If the highest value is 1GB, its because you have a 32-BIT computer.




 1) Download the launcher in this link: https://www.hackphoenix.com/technic-launcher/  then open the downloaded file.

 2) Select the version. Portable or Standart.

 3) It will start the download. It may take some minutes.

 4) It will ask you for your username. Enter it and hit Login.

 5) Click in the "modpacks" section and select tekkit and hit install.

 6) when the download finishes, you hit "Play". 

Recommendations: Same that in premium, use more ram for the modpack. This can be edited in the Launcher Options, and then Java Settings. Use 1.5GB or more for a good performance.If you cant with 1GB is allright.


Thanks for reading! Hope this can be useful to you.


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Great Tutorial. :)B-) Just one suggestion, make a video for both cause there are people that like to watch a video than reading it but it up to you if you want too or not. :)B-)

Good Day,


I wont make a video, because if i make one, itll be in spanish, because my english is horrible. And a half of the forum users dont understand spanish, so it would be useless.
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