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Mod Pack Debate


ModPack Selection Poll.  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose the ModPack you want to see on the community!

    • [Post Blast] [By Andrew2070]
    • [World Automation] [By Rmtworks]

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I personally want to keep this thread clean, both packs have already had pretty heated debate, I'm not sure how much more there is to discuss.

Here is the official World Automation thread:

And here is the official Post Blast thread:

(we reposted this so it's a public poll, so nobody is tempted to use fake votes in this. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

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I agree with gunner, rmts pack is good for players with a crappy Pc and serves as a good replacement for tekkit but personally I'm quite bored with tekkit and want something fresh and new. Therefore I have to go with Andrews pack.

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Well our pack will run fine on very old hardware.


I was getting around 40 FPS on a GT 520 1 GB graphics card. Really, it isn't that bad. And that was on mostly medium and some low settings. Gladly, I got a new graphics card a GTX 960 4 GB SSC, and can run about 140-250.


Edit: Added video, didn't want to post again.

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World Automation because I don't like magic. Never was into FTB and I'd just like a better Tekkit.

If Tekkit was still supported and updated there wouldn't be a want for rmt's pack as much.


But since the old 1.6.4 Tekkit is not going to receive any updates I want rmtworks World Automation. That's the only reason I vote for it.

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I would love to see both packs implemented if possible @brunyman as both creators put so much work into it. Rmts world automation is an excellent update for tekkit. And Andrew's post blast is perfect for players who got bored of the current servers.

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Okay guys, I am here to report that World Automation has been chosen as the next modded server by Brunyman. However, Brunyman is not rejecting Post Blast. I talked with him, and he plans to start with World Automation as the next modded server, and he will monitor it to see popularity and player base over time. If a custom modded server is successful, he will look into adding Post Blast as an additional modded server alongside World Automation. Thank you to everyone who voted, and now T/C.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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