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Recently i took up Modding, and have been working on a ModPack with my team consisting of players from this Community of course. We have been working on it for two weeks now and have reached a peak consisting of 7000 downloads and 18000 runs. Every day we have increase of 50 or so downloads which is increasing.

My ModPack is called PostBlast. It is themed after World War III, and has all the essential mechanical mods, that make a ModPack realistic, I will provide a list of the larger/famous mods we have in a minute. Now The server is more anarchy based. Meaning "MyTown" Protects it from petty grief, such as that of walking into others claims and exploiting stuff like, using items/destroying stuff with your fist/pickaxe/or whatever.

We are hoping that Crafter's Land, (Brunyman), Can take our ModPack into consideration for a server. This will attract many players simply because it has the ICBM mod and is themed on Modern Warfare. However, The ICBM mod was severely nerfed and no more nukes, (simple tnt missiles). but we have flans and academycraft.

It will also attract players because there aren't that many PvP modded servers, especially with 170 mods.


ModPack Link:


Installation Procedure:


Download Latest Java version (8): https://www.java.com/en/download/

Download Latest Technic Launcher: http://www.technicpack.net/download

Download the ModPack: By visiting the Pack Link, or searching for it in the launcher.


~The Pack will automatically install itself to the directory provided in the launcher.

~The Pack should auto-run after install, if it doesn't click Play to force run it.


~Updates that are released will prompt an update screen, click yes/no to update.

~Updates never fail, but can sometimes be slow as other people are updating.


~Should Download link be down, contact me as it probably is because DropBox maxed me out.


~Good Luck.



System Requirements:

Platform = Technic Launcher.
Ram = 2.0 (optimal 3-4) GB. (Yields 100 FPS on 2.5GB)
Java = 8 {ONLY}
MC = 1.7.10
Pack Version = 4.2.0

Launcher Version = Latest


Server Requirements:


Engine: KCauldron (Latest)

RAM Space: 4 GB Minimum for 90% Stable Server

MC Version: 1.7.10

Java Version: 8 - Latest

Pack Version:  4.2.0

Client-Side Mods: [Do Not add these]

Thaumcraft NEI, ReisMinimap, FastCraft, CustomMainMenu, MobDismemberment, JourneyMap, BetterFPS, OptiFine, and any other that FML flags in the Console Screen.


Protection System [Factions]:

Factions can protect/restrict against these:
-Basically breaking/editing/stealing from others claims.

-Stopping players from fooling around in your claim.

Factions cannot protect/restrict against these:
-ICBM explosions (small 2x2 Tnt explosions/5x5 flat fire (napalm))
-Rockets fired from outside a claim (Rocket Launcher/Tank)
-Grenades/guns fired/thrown from outside a claim.
-Vehicles firing/bombing from outside a claim. (Jet-Planes).


List of Mods:

[updated January 25th 2016]


  • AOBD 
  • AcademyCraft
  • Ars Magica 2
  • AnimationAPI
  • AE V2
  • Back Tools 
  • BetterFPS+
  • Botania
  • Backpack 
  • BD-Library
  • Big Reactors 
  • Blood Magic
  • BuildCraft
  • BuildCraft Compat
  • Carpenters Blocks
  • Cart Fixes/Stuff
  • Chicken Chunks
  • Chisel updtd to 2
  • Code Chicken Core
  • COFH Core
  • Compact Solars
  • [CC] ComputerCraft
  • [CC] Computronics
  • CMM 1.7.10
  • Dense ores
  • DIM Anchor
  • Ender - IO
  • EnderStorage
  • EnderZoo
  • EnderTech
  • ExtraCells
  • ExtraUtils
  • Factorization
  • Fast Craft
  • FusionWarfare
  • Flans Mod
  • Flat Signs
  • [TC] Forbidden Magic
  • [GC] GalactiCraft Mars
  • [GC] GalactiCraft Core
  • Gregs Lighting
  • Guide-API
  • Advanced Generators
  • HardCore Ender Expansion
  • Hats + Hats Stand
  • [iC2] Industrial Craft 2
  • [iC2] Nuclear Control 
  • [iCBM] ICBM Mod
  • iChunUtil
  • Immibis-Core
  • Infini - Bows
  • INpureCore
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Iron - Chest
  • Java 7 Checker
  • Journey Map
  • Legacy Java Fixer
  • LamdaLib
  • Mantle
  • Discord
  • mcjtylib
  • Mekanism
  • Mekanism Generators
  • Mekanism tools
  • [GC] MicDoodle Core
  • MineFactory
  • MineFactory Reloaded
  • MineFactory Reloaded (Compat Magical Crops)
  • Mine Menu
  • MineTweaker3
  • Mob-Amputation-Mod
  • Modular Powersuits
  • Morph Beta
  • [GC Addon] More Planets
  • Morpheus
  • Mystcraft
  • Necromancy
  • NuclearCraft
  • Nuclear Control
  • PowerConverters
  • [NEI] Addons
  • [NEI] Integration
  • [NEI] Nether Ores
  • [NEI] NotEnoughCodecs
  • [NEI] NotEnoughItems
  • [NEI] NotEnoughKeys
  • Numina
  • Obsidian Plates
  • Open Blocks
  • [CC] Open Computers
  • [CC] Open Peripheral Addons
  • [CC] Open Peripheral Core
  • [CC] Open Peripheral Integration
  • OptiFine
  • [CC] Player API
  • PowerConverters
  • [PR] Pneumatic Craft
  • [PR] Project Red Base
  • [PR] Project Red Compat
  • [PR] Project Red Integration
  • [PR] Project Red Lighting
  • [PR] Project Red World
  • RailCraft
  • Redstone Arsenal
  • Reis-Minimap Mod
  • Resource Loader
  • SimplyJetpacks
  • Slick-Util
  • Steves-Carts 2
  • Steves Factory Manager
  • Sync 4.0.0
  • StatusUpdateHud
  • TConstruct
  • [TC] ThaumCraft
  • [TC] ThaumCraft Nei Plugin
  • [TC] Thaumic Exploration
  • [TC] Thaumic Tinkerer
  • Thermal Dynamics
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Thermal Foundation
  • Thermal Recycling
  • TMechWorks
  • TradeBooth
  • Vending
  • VoltzEngine
  • Waila
  • Waila harvestability
  • Balkins WeaponMod
  • Witchery
  • WR-CBE
  • ZyiunsHud


~Total of 179 Mods

~My personal Limit is 200.



Offer purchases such as:
-Factions Peaceful setting (Disable raiding)

-ic2 kits(....)
-Galactic kits (....)
Can make a lot of money with this brunyman.


Recent Updates:


Updated to MC 1.7.10



Reintroduced Custom GUI + Added Mekanism, Computronics, Flans, as well as Magic Mods.



Fixed Custom GUI + Added FPS boosting configuration + Mods.



Fixed a few Bugs, made custom GUI fully compatible with all windows and updated a mod.



Added: AcademyCraft + Bdlib + LombdaLib, replaced: Reis Minimap with Journeymap.

Updated: Mekanism, ProjectRed, Minecraft Forge, 

Notice: Pack will no longer work with Java 7, and requires Java 8.



Update designed to increase GalacticCraft potential and make pack more user friendly/fun.

[1] Added:

-MorePlanets Add-on for GalactiCraft (Adds 4 more tiered rockets, new solar system, more planets/items).

-ZyinsHud v.1.3.9 for MC 1.7.10 (Cool new customizable HUD, allows for all kinds of on screen displays).

-VoltzEngine (Required for new ICBM version).


[2] Updated:

-GalactiCraft Updated to Latest Version (Fixed multiple bugs, added new options, bit more specifics).

-Mekanism Updated to Latest Version (Not Sure about the changelog).

-Computronics updated to Latest Version (Not Sure about the changelog).

-ICBM updated to Latest Version (2 days ago) (Apparently added more missiles but not much).


[3] Removed:

-MystCraft Removed (No need for it with RFTools and other dimensions such as the new GC planets).

-ProjectE Removed (Never going to use it for a server side economy anyway, plus ic2 coins work).



Addressing Server Concerns:

The Mod Count:

The Post Blast Team and myself feel that mod count does not matter as long as stability can be achieved, through this process we have located and introduced newer mods as well as the older and their updates to the 1.7.10 version of our ModPack. I am not a mindless maniac adding almost 200 mods for no reason, i configured/added them all according to my needs. However, i allocate 2/6 GB to the Pack and it runs fairly smoothly, never maxing out memory and offering me 60-100 fps. The server runs the pack with 3 GB and does not crash as often as it did back on 1.6.4, plus we have optimized it for stability. All in all the pack can be run by anyone with a shitty PC and 2 gigs of ram, if i can run it that means anyone can run the pack.


[iI] The Custom Main Menu:

There is a bug with the Auto setting for the GUI, however McMod and i were able to fix the settings for Large, Tiny and Normal. As long as you dont play with the GUI scaling option, the pack will default have large enabled, which scales to fit the screen. Only Auto has a bit of a bug where it scales to fit my Mac screen and not everyone elses whom have bigger/smaller screens. This can be fixed in a future release, once McMod has the time to parse more of my JSON code.


[iII] Factions:

The point of having factions over MyTown is to give players more "Freedom", it encourages them to be more "Active" amongst their members, as everyone wants to guard their "Nation", and not have to login and see it in ruin because someone machine gunned it. Thus server activity would go through the roof as a result of installing factions, and like any other plugin it has its limitations as well.


~Factions cannot stop all kinds of bypass, but that is what the staff is there for, to stop unstoppable abuse.


  • Rocket launchers, explosive blocks, tanks, grenades and explosive ammo all banned by server.
  • In-Faction grief not allowed, you are not allowed to betray the faction that you are a member of.
  • You are not allowed to set homes in other peoples bases, this is a common problem on Network.
  • You are not allowed to Bug Abuse, which practically clarifies all kinds of stuff in the server rules.
  • You cannot Kill anyone in spawn, being caught doing so will sentence you to a jail (Network)
  • Drawbridges, IC2 Nuke, ic2 nuclear explosions, ThaumCraft fires, Witchery grief potions banned.

These would be the main restrictions players would have to face on the server, however they can still use guns/fighter jets/swords. I think its a pretty fair trade, as well these are restrictions we have on some of our servers already, why not enforce them here?


The staff can aid and assist in these matters, and PowerWarp can recruit a larger group of Staff Members to help out as well. They can handle reports which i'm sure there will never be a shortage of when and if the pack is hosted here on CL.


[iII] Rage Quitting:

Players that are experienced will play on the server, others whom are not interested in PvP can go and play on FTB/Tekkit. The server would have a disclaimer at spawn suggesting that if you are not capable of handling frustration, it is not for you. And That any disruptive behavior caused by legal and fair frustration such as being killed, will not be tolerated. Even so, we don't see many players raging or crying on Tekkit because they got power fist killed, etc. This is not much of a problem as well, there is the option of kicking ragers or even banning them for server hate. Plus, guns are easy to make they just require raw materials and a bit of time mining and resourcefulness. Players would be responsible with their lives, and would have to defend themselves by themselves. That is essentially what was covered in the previous section addressing your issue with factions.


My FeedBack:

My Pack is pretty much obsolete, and there is no use arguing with me over small bugs/issues it has.

I know the anatomy of my ModPack, i know its purpose, and i know all its capabilities quite clearly.

If you have any issue concerning the viability of my pack, feel free to post them, but i know my pack best.

You seem to think i'm an idiot that does not know what he's doing, on the contrary i've been at it for 2 years.

Ive brought this failed project through thick and thin, polishing it to making it one of my best inventions.


No one seems to have any issues with the content of my pack, much less having any issue running it.

You can check out the discussion page of my pack, see what i mean by the feedback i received.




ModPack GUI:


[Pack Owner/Founder] Andrew2060 = ModPack Founder/Dev/Designer

[Pack Dev] MCMod/CyberEagle = Config Parser, Troubleshooter.

[Pack Dev/Founder] Jack = Server handler/YouTuber/Graphic Designer.

[Pack Dev/Founder] TS_Gaming = Server Provider/Server handler/Bug Tester.

[Ex-Dev/Founder] Slit


[bug Tester] FreakyForester.

[bug Tester] GunnerHQ



Thank you for reading :)

Support us by Voting, Liking the Post, Liking the Pack on Tekkit!


~This page is no longer updated consistently, so expect interval in mod list updates.

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Will it have the bugs that the current version of mytown has on ftb? I believe there were some things you could bypass.

Nevertheless great modpack you have here andrew and I hope you will have a blast (pun intended) with it.


Also this modpack really reminds me of Fallout.

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if bruny were to set up a war server the only place that would need to be protected was spawn

the rest should be explodable since well its a war server... think of it like upgraded volts

you do not simply mytown with volts... you use factions and blow things up

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I dont know what he will intend to use but i think it would be nice to have this modpack.


Its designed for either hardcore nuclear warfare or for those to advance and defend themselves using nukes as deterrents.

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10 people knowing eachother and blowing their base is good but how will some noobs react to their base being blown up?

there's also this, i guess a warning at spawn, and also recommend building deep underground.


people will just have to deal with it i guess.

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there's also this, i guess a warning at spawn, and also recommend building deep underground.


people will just have to deal with it i guess.

There is actually a sign that says to build deep underground due to this reason. And you really can't prevent noobs from getting pwned instantly. They just have to be smart with where they base.

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Although a layer of Reinforced concrete around your buildings can stop a blast from penetrating. Reinforced Concrete is fairly cheap, its mostly clay, sand, stone and steel. You can also craft AA Turrets to shoot down flying players, flying aircraft and missiles. Other turrets can be made to guard your claims such as a regular Gun Turret or a Laser turret.


EMP Towers also stop any incoming missile. Once a radar detects it within a range of say 100-500 blocks, it will fire the emp which needs lots of power but it stops any missile within a 300 block range, while the radar has a 500 block range.

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Best part is, this is a pack that does not exist elsewhere.


It is the only pack that offers all these mods. I was searching for days looking for one like this.

Then we decided to make one on our own, and voila now we are the only ones that have these in a stable build.

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It is the only pack that offers all these mods. I was searching for days looking for one like this.

Then we decided to make one on our own, and voila now we are the only ones that have these in a stable build.

What mod? The nuclear warfare one?

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