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1.9 Combat Update Is Now Live!


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Source:  YourMCAdmin




  Minecraft 1.9 is officially out! Note that our Network servers are only 1.8 compatible at this point, so if you can't join them with 1.9 yet. We will update the server soon, but first stage is to wait for the Spigot team to release the 1.9 server build, then we will have to update the servers. This will take some time, we will do our best to get it updated as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more news about this.


Minecraft 1.9 Update.

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The 1.9 update is ok but, yeah the PvP system is worse but it will be more harder for hackers to use hacks

EDIT: And the shield and sword/bow thing i think it's the best in this update


I think that hackers are a step more than we xD





x(  x(  x(  x(  x(  x(  x(  x(

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