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Pretty sure he's requesting that we add the ability to directly upgrade from server Premium to Network Sponsor. Now, you can already do that, given you're already a Network Premium player. I'm not quite sure how possible what you're asking for is, though. You might wanna wait for brunyman to reply to this one and let you know what your options are.

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Hi WalterGaymer!

You are a Premium Global? Or do you have the rank in a single game mode?


If you are Premium Global this is what will happen if like the rank Sponsor: 


- Network Premium = 19.99 EUR (20€)

- Network Sponsor = 99.99 EUR (100€)


As Global Premium, may lower price rank Sponsor.


- Final Price: Network Sponsor = 80€ (100€ - 20€)


If you have rank in only 1 game mode, not is if there will be possibility of do make any reduction in price. To do this, you will to explain your situation and comment on it.


A greeting! :)

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