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Clan Creation:
To make a clan, you type /clan create <clantag> <nameofclan> and clan tag can be color coded as in the example below

Example - /clan create &bTest Test101


Leaving an Clan:
To leave an clan that you're in, just you type /clan resign


Inviting Players:
To invite players to your clan, you type /clan invite <playername> when the player that you have invited accepts the invite to your clan, he or she will be added to your clan and will be set as  untrusted rank in the clan also. When you get invited to a clan you have two options, which are to accept it by doing /accept or deny it by doing /deny.

Example - /clan invite StarFaded


Clan Alliances:
Any clan leader can send an request to start an alliance with other clan, but in order to make a alliance you must have at least 3 players in your clan before. Any clan leader of any clan in the alliances can leave the alliance. To make a alliance, you type /clan ally add <clantag> and to leave a alliance, you type /clan ally remove. Note: No one in either clan has to accept the removal of an alliance

Example - /clan ally add Test


Clan Rivalries:
Clan Rivalries can be started by any clan at any time, no request is needed to add rivalries. To add a rivalries, you type /clan rival add <clantag> and to remove a rival, you type /clan rival remove <clantag>. You can view a list of all clans and their allies by typing /clan alliances and same for their rivals, just replace the alliances part in the command and put rivalriesNote: When removing a rival, the leader of the rival must accept the rival removal request in order for that clan to get removed as rival.

Example - /clan rival add Test


Clan Chat:
Clan chat is just a chat that only your clan members can see. To use clan chat, you type /. <message>. Note: Make sure you put a space after the period when typing the message.

Example - /. Hi There


Clan Home-Bases:

Clans can set home-bases for their by typing /clan home set and any member of the clan can type /clan home, which will teleport to the location that you have set as clan home. Leaders of the clan can type /clan home regroup, which will teleport all clan members to the clan home. Note: When using /clan home regroup, please notify your clan members that are online that you're going to use that command. And as for Clan Home-Bases, I suggest if you have a laggy island on the server, then please don't set that as your clan home. To teleport to another clan home-base, you type /clan home tp <clantag>


Example - /clan home tp Test


:!:Warning: I didn't explain everything about clans, just the basic stuff that

you might need to know. To learn more info about clans, there's a link below

that I put which will take you to the dev page of the clan plugin.

Learn more about clans - http://tinyurl.com/hxqqpab

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Just two things that might be helpful. The tag of the clan can be changed but the name is permanent. So chose your name wisely. If you are experiencing spam after alliances or war, a server restart will solve the problem. Only tested when player is online during restart. Also shadow you are not subtle (nice try though), and no I will not change my clan home unless there is good reason to (not yours).  




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