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How to use the plugin MYTOWN






    MYTOWN is a plugin that you use to protect your city / base from other players.




     To create a city, you need to find a good place for your city first. Once found, to create a new city, use the command /town new <City Name>. For example: /town new Sigismund (Sigismund being the city name chosen in this example). This will cost you 100$.


          Congratulations! Now you have your own town!


     Initially when creating the city, it occupies only one chunk, but can “handle” up to 20 chunks, if you first “buy” other chunks near the original chunk.

     To “buy” chunks you first have to see the chunks. For this press F9 twice to show the chunk grid. Find a chunk that you want to add to your city and enter the command /town claim. This will cost you 20$. You can “buy” new chunks only next to chunks you already own! You can view the map of the chunks of your city (shown in green) or other cities (shown in red) by typing /town map.

     Now, you wonder how do you get money, I suppose. To get money  you have to vote for the server. Enter the command /ifo vote. Click the links, then fill the requirements and your in game name.

     Now that you have the money ($), you must transfer them to the city’s bank, so you can use it. For this, the command is /town bank deposit <amount> . Example /town bank deposit 100, and to remove money from the bank the command is /town bank withdraw 100.


          Congratulations! You now know the basics of town management!


     Now let’s invite some friends. Each new member added increases the maximum number of chunks your town can “handle” by 10.

     Do not add players that you do not know, not everyone on the internet can be trusted!

     To invite someone type /town invite <name> . Example /town invite John. He will have to accept the invitation with /town accept <town’s name>.

     Now that you’ve invited some friends, the city grew, let’s talk about permissions and ranks in the city:




     Mayor: The mayor is the one who founded the city. He has access to all permissions.

     Assistant: This is an assistant to the mayor.He has access to permissions, but can’t kick the mayor.

     Resident: The resident is a member of the town. He doesn’t have access to any permissions.


     You can also promote or demote members using the commands: /town promote <name> <position> to promote and /town demote <name> <position> to demote.


     You can also kick out citizens from the city using /town kick <name>

     Permissions (They can only be true or false). To list the permissions do /town perm list. To change the permissions do /town perm set <permission> <true/false>. Example /town perm set enter false.



     enter: This decides if non-members can enter the town or not.

     access: This decides if non-members can access things like chests or not.

     pickup: This decides if non-members can pick up items from the ground or not.

     pvp: This allows combat between players within the city or not.

     mobs: This decides if monsters can exist within the city or not.

     entities: This decides if animals of villagers can exist within the city or not.

     pve: This decides if non-members can kill passive or aggro mobs within the city or not.

     usage: This decides if non-members can use items/signs/blocks within the city or not.

     activate: This decides if non-members can use buttons/levers and such within the city or not.

     fakers: This decides if player-like entities can exist within the city or not.

     modify: This decides if non-members can break/build within the city or not.

     explosions: This determines if explosions can happen within the city or not.

     restrictions:You can give extra permissions to town members.

     nearby: This decides if others cities can claim near your claims or not.




     1.Do not listen to players telling you to toggle the modify to true within the city.That means anyone can break things.

     2.To set the spawn do /town setspawn and to return to the spawn do /town spawn

     3.Always use /town and not /t like shown within /town help

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