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Can You Add 1% Seed Drop Chance


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Well, I mean, we did have a VERY good reason for doing this in the first place. People were getting endgame materiels and massive amounts of them really fast.

Sometimes this can put a strain on the server, especially if you have a massive storage system. It's also a little unfair for those older players who've worked ages to get what they have with other methods.

How often, out of a large batch of seeds, say, 100 seeds, would you get another seed? Every 1 out of a hundred times that a seed grows. With watering cans, bonemeal, and other methods, you can make those hundred seed growths pass really fast. You could easily get massive amounts in even an hour of planting and growing a single seed with a 1% extra seed drop chance. Basically this means massive amounts of practically free materials that you hardly did any work for. And the worst part is that you can do this in the beginning of the game and avoid other things that the game wants you to go through first.

TL;DR: a 1% seed increase becomes exponential and makes it too easy/exploitable

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