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Possible corrupted chunk in my town [Fixed]


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Account Name: Archmaestro (also forum name)

Description of the issue:

I was adding pages to a mystcraft notebook (probably about 12-13k long at this point...) and it suddenly kicked me talking some crazy stuff about a string length being longer than 13352 or something like that... now every time I try to join it either gives me an exception (not in GZIP format) or straight up crashes my client. 

I'd like a rollback to be done so I can get back to playing on the server. anything from monday december 5th 2016. Town name: Azimuth

Coordinates are: [x=-4392.01, y=64.62, z=4133.63]

Plz halpe?

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nah man I'm almost baltop 1 I can always employ our hard workers to get me the myst pages I need ;)

No refund needed I just need to get that chunk working again. doesn't matter if the entire chunk needs reset - I've got enough resources stacked that I should be good to go. I even have villagers saved so I can just make more myst pages if need be


Does anyone know about how long it'll take for me to get that notebook removed?


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