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[My base] Finished Skyfactory, want to show off what I've built


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Since the forum has reset, my post got deleted, so I'm remaking it.

Hi, my name is Atricos, and I've started playing Skyfactory on the 17th of August 2016, and finished it by the end of October. This is what I built in that time:

Base Coordinates: X ~= -2600, Z ~= - 3600

My base from a topdown view:


The center point of my base, with XP Storage, Enchanting, Anvils, Book copying, etc.:


Behind, I have 2 smelteries, one for creating my Tinkers' Tools, one for alloying and getting fluids from Fluid Cows:


On the other side, I have my main ME System, and lots of basic machines:


To the side, it's a room that isn't used anymore, this is how I used to generate my power in the early game:


This is my main ME Input/Output: 3 Crafting Terminals for general ME accessing and crafting (if one crafting grid is in use, I can always use the other ones), 1 Crafting terminal set to show only items that I can autocraft, 1 Terminal set to show the actual contents of my drives (how full are my disks), 3 Pattern Terminals (so if one's grid is occupied, I can always use the other ones), 1 Fluid Terminal to input/output fluids into my ME Network, 1 Interface Terminal to access all my ME Interfaces in my autocrafting/autoprocessing area, and 5 Crafting Terminals with view cells to only show specific items, so I don't have to search for them.


This is where I store my actual items, I have a separate controller for 1 Terminal, which shows the contents of my drives, the actual disks:


This is the backside of my ME System, with my Controller, autocrafting, autoprocessing, and Deep Storage Units to hold items I have a lot of:


Going a bit further, this is my main power generation, lots of Extra Utilities Solar Generator x64's, generating about 250,000 RF/tick, besides my Big Reactor 1 layer below, generating about 90,000 RF/tick. Both of these power sources send their energy into a Draconic Core (also 1 layer below):


This is where lots of my materials come from: Farms for basically everything:


I have Ex Nihilo autosifting and autohammering systems on the other side. This used to be the main way to generate resources before the Ender Quarry in the Deep Dark and RFTools dimensions:


Next to my farms, I have 3 general treefarms (Oak, Birch, Rubber), and next to those magic-based treefarms (Rowan, Alder, Hawthorn, Greatwood, Silverwood). Unfortunately trees can destroy blocks 1.7, and that's what caused my pillar to lose blocks in the first picture:


In the middle, next to my EXP Storage, I have two rooms, one for QED's and one for vanilla Enchanting:


Behind the treefarms, there is a way to access the Botania island, with a basic Mana Generating setup, and some experimentation with the Dandalifeon:


Next to my farms, there's my main Witchery area with basic machines, a ~16,000k power Altar covered by trees, and some Circle Magic setup. This is also the place I fought the Gaia Guardian, and where I first summoned Death, the Witchery Boss, but I have an auto-Death summoning place for him down lower.


Above my base, there is a big tower. This is my mobfarm: Mobs spawn on Cursed Earth, fall down using OpenBlocks Fans, and take almost fatal damage. Currently it's setup so that an Autonomous Activator kills them with an Arthana, to collect Spectral Dust for Witchery (this is an ingredient needed to summon Death):


Let's go down a layer, this is where my Big Reactor is, with my old Thaumcraft area, and 4 spawners: Wither Skeleton, Enderman, Hellhound (for Tongues of the Dog, currently shut down, because I have enough drops), and Bat (for Wool of the Bat):


Going to the right, I have an RFTools room, with access to my main ME, and a separate ME Network, where I store my Dimlets:


Taking a closer look:


On the other side of this layer, I have my main Thaumcraft area. An automated Runic Matrix that gets aspects from a Thaumic Energistics Essentia Provider, and...


...Wand recharging Terminals, Automated Alchemy and Infernal Furnaces:


In the corner, besides my reactor, I have a Tier 7 Draconic Energy Core, with currently about 330 Billion RF Stored inside:


Going down another layer, I have a very similar setup with 6 spawners this time: Wisp, Eldritch Guardian (currently turned off), Mandrake, and 3 Witchery spirits for Death summoning: Spectre, Banshee, and Poltergeist:


In the back, I have an Automatic Wither Killer (currently also shut down, because it makes ridicolous noises even with a Sound Muffler, and I have enough Nether Stars):


In the back, I have an automatic Death Protection Poppet-making system, with 2 more Altars (both around 12,000 Altar Power), and lots of AE2 autocrafting/autoprocessing connected to Witchery machines:


Even further below, I have my automatic Death summoning machine. This is the control panel for it:


This is the backside of it, a bit messy but it works:


I still have to fight Death myself unfortunately, the summoning is automatic, but the killing isn't, because he frequently likes to TP away (and TP into the void), and also takes reduced damage (hit him with 320 damage - only takes about 20...). So this is the area I fight him:


...And that's basically it! Hope you liked my base review! :)

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Most people say I`m building most beatiful bases. But after seeing your island i`m a bit jelly. You got GREAT organisation! Design is not perfect in my thoughts, I like more "Nature" builds. But overall, your base looks REALLY good, it`s well orginised, and... (Most important) it`s COMPLETE!

Your build style is modern/futuristic, a bit of noise with white/black pattern, but nothing sticks out inapropriate. Really good style.

I got only couple complains:

1) As a staff member i`m worrying about overal server performance, so it`s bothering me when someone use overcomplicated, and unoptimised builds, and don`t remove unused contraptions. For example you left your earlygame lava setup. But why? it`s slowing server down, causing lag. Why not remove it?

2) As a regular MC player i understand why you use magical crops, because it`s easy and fast... But as a Hardcore MC player I don`t understand WHY you use magical crops? That WAY too easy and fast... If you use cows aswell, then i`m disapointed. Because Cows and Crops are CHEAP.


I play minecraft more then 8 years by now, and i can asure you. Base like your is RARE, really RARE. I`m staff member at Crafterlands almost 2 years by now. and i seen like 2-3 bases as good as You have (I`m not counting my bases tho) Only 2-3 bases for a whole 2 years... and i seen hundreds of them. You can be REALLY proud of yourself.

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Thanks for the kind words!

I had some freetime, while I was attending university last year, but I mostly spent it on this build. If you really like a game, like me, and have played it for 8 years straight, something like this isn't too difficult to put together. I knew what I was doing all along, I knew what all the mods did, so I just kept progressing quickly.

Believe me, my first build was just as bad as others', but I was really interested in Minecraft, and kept playing, researching, and getting more experienced in it.

As for Timur, I give you the permission to remove my old lava generation setup, if you think it causes too much lag. I don't play on this server anymore anyway, since I finished basically everything.

And why am I using Magical Crops and Fluid Cows? Well, why not. The opportunity lies there, why not take it. Sure, I could have had a challenge of not using them, but I didn't even think of that. Maybe next time.

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