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I'd like to request that we also add the auction plugin that you have on other servers like Skyfactory, as I've played on both servers I feel as Skyfactory was alot more focused on economy due to the auction plugin, and makes it much easier for players to help eachother without having to meet up - for a price of course ;-). Not to mention the risk of tpa'ing to someone for a trade, as you could be tp'ing into a PVP zone - Well, you could just send item thru market... regardless.

I assume stuff like this would take a while, probably till next maintenance, but it'd really give the players a better use for their money that they will have gathererd up during this week!

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Existing auction is... wierd... and inconvinient.

Auction plugin as we got in SF is intuitively understandable, and even total noob can understand what he need to write /bid to bid. Also it shows what is selling in chat, what is very convinient. Also it shows who and how many bidded.

Overal, SF auction plugin is better, and more convinient.

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