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Need help, new account


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Hello there!

My friend. CoockiesAtNyte his minecraft account is hacked. He can't login anymore. We bought him a new account to play again, but. His CoockiesAtNyte account has been banned from the IE server once for pvp protection bypass. My request is: transfer his old bans, to his new account (name not yet specified. Will inform you guys later.). So that he starts with 1 ban on his name. He doesn't want to erase that ban. That would be against the rules. Because a ban should be removed by staff. And not by the player through buying a new MC account.

*Note: he is not permabanned. It was a temp ban for 2 days. His first ban.*

Thank you for reading my request!

I'd hope to hear from you soon.

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well he changed MC acc cuz his got hacked and they made a post about his bann so it won'T look like he is clearing history with a acc change but everything i right since he isbn't bann evading (bann expired 2 weeks ago)

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