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[Presentation] DragonLady


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Aloha everyone, my name is Melissa and currently I'm 17 years old. On the servers I'm called DragonLady, but friends call me Mel, cause they're too lazy to write my name.

(Random fact: My best friend sometimes calls me Coco Chamel)

I'm from the small country somewhere in Europe called the Netherlands, but it's nothing like the nether. It's too cold for that.

I like playing Skyrim and GTAV, and watch too many MCU movies. I also like to browse Tumblr a lot and I'm addicted to chocolate.

I listen to a lot of older rock and metal bands, cause I kinda grew up with that.

I love action movies and series, so if you recommend me one, I'll try to watch it if I haven't already.

I like chemistry and I hope I'll be studying Applied Science in 3/4 months. After I'm done with that, I want to do work with materials or do something to find a better source of energy.

I'm kind of a loner, and other than interweb people I don't talk to a lot of people.



My Minecraft experience started somewhere in 2010, after I started watching some videos of it on YouTube. I mostly played singleplayer, but after 2 years I found some friends at school that played Minecraft too, so we looked for some servers to play together on. We played Skyblock on there and we were quite famous. After a while we were left with the two of us, RandomNukes and I. We met a girl called Seefoodeater and we became friends.

On YouTube I saw some people playing modded Minecraft, and I was like "wuuuut, I want that too". Luckily Nukes knew a person who had a small private Tekkit server, so we played on that for a while. (You can't really say "played", cause we just messed around with the rockets...)

After his friend stopped hosting I kinda stopped playing Minecraft for a while.


Fast forward 2 years and I saw a video about Skyfactory. It was perfect, I loved skyblock, so combined with mods it would be awesome.

I asked Nukes to join me and that's how my adventure here started. We played a lot, and our island got bigger and bigger. Eventually we met this awesome guy called Beh(yep, didn't forget you buddy :P). We talked a lot and after a bit he joined our island. Unfortunately our island became a bit too much, and I derped a lot with the Draconic Staff which made me veinmine a big part of the island.

We started a new island and Nukes started making fancy mountains. Eventually we stopped playing for a few months for some personal stuff, but we came back and stronger than ever. This is when I met Greenbox, he taught. All of a sudden some guy called Lancelot started talking to me, and it turned out he was Greenbox.

Nukes and I expanded the island and we liked the server so much, we both bought Premium+. After that Nukes went to the Tekkit server, and he left me alone with all his unfinished projects. I tried playing Tekkit for a bit, but it was not my kind of modpack. I stayed on Skyfactory and bought Sponsor+. In all my years of Minecraft, I'd say this is the best server I've been on and I hope it'll be here for many more years.

I think this is all of my Mincraft history summed up :D. I probably forgot a lot of important stuff, but oh well.


Recently I've also joined the Discord group and it's fun, so you guys should join if you haven't yet.


I guess that's all I have to say about myself.

(If you have any questions left, feel free to ask)

Adios :D

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Very well-done introduction honestly, it's amazing how different everyone's minecraft experience can be. Welcome to the CraftersLand forum and enjoy your stay. I'm sure you'll be a great person in the community!

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Hey nice to met you Mel, I read the whole Presentation, I kinda like the way you join in Mc comunity, Its the same I join here.

I want to spend some time on SF but unlucky my pc do not run all those mods, 

Like Yusixs said welcome to Crafterland forums, if you have any doubt, dont mind to ask!

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I am glad You eventually found Your way to CraftersLand server. It is fun to play here. And it is even more enjoyable since You and RandomNukes joined.

And remember there is always someone around to offer a helping hand if you ever need [for doing some project or whatever].

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Nice to see a presentation by you Melissa, it's always nice to get to know the players we interact with on a more personal level, interesting to have seen the journey you took to arrive at craftersland. We're happy to have you here.

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