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DW20 Server mods


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RF Tools:

Remove RF dimensions that are liquids that don't conform to water type fluids (ban them, restrict them, make them unusable and uncreatable).

I recommend this because of how much lag these dims seem to create on the server.



Add the mod AE2 Stuff.  It will allow the player to make pure crystals easier and not have to always port to spawn to trade seeds whenever they need them fast (via the crystal chamber) and has a very useful inscriber that works very well (seriously, you'd have to use it and see to know).


More Pistons Mod:

Allows for pistons of extra length. Since Tinkers Draw bridges are banned for dupe bugs, this would be a great way to have deep moats and still have a type of draw bridge.


I'd recommend installing these mods with the dw20 pack and running a single player test world to see just how useful and cool these mods are.


Just some thoughts.

(I'd make a poll, but I don't have the first clue how).

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We cannot add any mods to the DW20 server that would change the requirements of a player installing the DW20 mod pack and attempting to play on our server unfortunately.  We had banned many of the dimlets that cause these problems but dimensions that contain the dimlets still have the potential to be created while not using dimlets to define the dimension.

The drawbridge being banned has the potential to be unbanned if the blacklist configuration of the drawbridge is set to prevent the picking up/placing of certain blocks in the TMechworks.cfg.  Ultimately, the banning of the drawbridge had never raised enough concern to make this happen yet.  Though, I agree it would be fun to play with and would add some neat elements to many bases out there.

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We can't actually add more mods. That would mean that anyone who wants to play would have to locate and install those mods, so that their client would match with the server, and this isn't a custom pack. It's literally just click and play. People suggest adding more mods from time to time, and every time it's the same answer: If we did that, it wouldn't be the DW20 pack anymore, it would be a custom pack, and we would lose players that way. Most people have no idea how to actually install extra mods, and won't go to the effort needed.

And as for the liquid dims, that's a sort of ongoing request battle. Certain liquid dims are restricted, due to causing extreme lag, such as pink slime dimlet.

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Yeah, I get the extra mod thing...

No harm in suggesting though :) (maybe there should be a Craftersland Mod pack (wink wink, nudge nudge) ;) )


It's good to know that the dims are a known problem and a subject of importance.  


Thanks for the replies.

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28 minutes ago, Bad_Wolf_Bay said:

 (maybe there should be a Craftersland Mod pack (wink wink, nudge nudge)

We have had plenty of custom modpacks hosted by craftersland sadly it didn't work it and it wouldn't work out. As then all the fame we strive in is our own, the players we have on there would be our regulars, there wouldn't be some random person searching up our custom server and join us. There would be no newcomers and that's important. This is why public modpacks are great, however some mods you suggest, such as chisel and bits are apart of the new DW20 1.10(mc version) modpack that we are going to launch soon - within a months time probably.

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17 hours ago, brunyman said:

are there some types of liquid that cause the lag?

There's a few, to name some of the top of my head:

- Steam

- Glue

- Energized glowstone

Those liquids go up, so once you break a block or anything in those dimensions a massive chunk update lags out the server. Theres also no way of closing/deleting the dims, no access to the block :/.

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