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Victoriam ROLLBACK request


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Account Name:  Victoriam

Town name: Canada

Coordinates:         x: 2308.06911      Y:64.000      Z: -3527.68149

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]:     7/20/2017  10AM

Description of Issue:

I recently allowed access to a clan member thinking i was supposed to, shortly after being added the player (TNTtyler42) started to steal several blocks including all of the Electric furnaces, broke the reactor ( now fixed) , 3 Pulverisors, 1 sawmill, Destroyed my automatic tree farm gutting its internals,  and a ME terminal full of supplies ranging from little value to a lot, after confronting the player about the issue at first he claimed he never did anything and soon we realized how far back this greifing had set us back in terms of progress all of our basic supplies are gone, everything from dirt to rockets all stolen, and the player only took the  materials to cause grief with no real intent to use them or distribute in sale.

The ME terminal contained several large stacks of various materials so many it would be hard to recollect 

i'm sorry if i'm wasting time here, or im not eligible for a rollback i'm very new to tekkit and thought i would be able to trust clan members thanks your your time  

*Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )

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Moved to Tekkit technical support section. Don't multipost. Only bump your topic when 48 hours has passed. When you need to add something, and nobody has said anything, just edit your post. Only one person can do rollbacks, and that is the server owner. He does this on maintenance days, which are on Mondays and Fridays. Just be patient, and your town will be rolled back. In the future, don't message staff, or me, about this sort of issue, just make a topic, and be patient.

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